WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder 10.1.58 Nulled [ Free-License]

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WP Estimator & Payment Form Builder additionally works with WooCommerce and direct digital downloads.

WordPress Plugin Options for Estimating WP Cost

  • Administration of a number of types
  • Help
  • Optional authorized discovery in the last step
  • Easy help with digital downloads
  • Distinctive and well thought out backend
  • Absolutely Responsive
  • Highly efficient, customizable calculation tools
  • In each hyperlink, freely choose whether to cram in all the circumstances or just one to activate the next step.
  • Contact can be submitted before the top of the form
  • Forms can generate one value + subscription value at the same time.
  • Customers can save their current selection and complete the form later.
  • Freely define the allowed types of information and the maximum variety of information for each area to add information.
  • choice reCAPTCHA 3
  • Orders are stored on the backend
  • Highly efficient Kind Designer for customizing your fonts
  • A number of information fields with image preview
  • Just use any google font in your types.
  • Reorder objects by dragging and dropping
  • Combine your types on your pages using shortcodes
  • Pictures of gadgets are usually full of the chosen main color.
  • Fees may be included depending on the circumstances outlined.
  • GDPR compliance
  • Progress bar can be hidden, show integer value, number of steps or all steps
  • Gadgets could be dynamically hidden or shown depending on the circumstances.
  • Statistics panel
  • Google analytics helps
  • You can apply different discounts depending on the selected amount.
  • Emails can be custom built from the backend
  • Distance calculation
  • Backend & Frontend Prospects Account Administration
  • Managing Discount Coupon Codes
  • A confirmation email can also be sent to the client
  • Translations into German and French are included.
  • The sum number can be filled using the buttons, the amount area or the slider.
  • Lead information may be regularly sent to your MailChimp / MailPoet / GetResponse checklist.
  • Open type as popup just using css class on button
  • Absolutely translatable using a .po or WPML file
  • SMTP Email Sending Options
  • Conditional Remaining Redirect
  • High performance conditional system
  • Freely manage your forms, steps and gadgets
  • Fast and simple import/export information system
  • The selected URL can be opened in a new tab when selecting a product.
  • You can assign the type of gravity in the last step.
  • Freely customize colors, font, texts, forex, format, animation speed…
  • Estimates and funds work with subscriptions
  • Orders can be exported in .csv format
  • Highly efficient billing system
  • Gadgets can be grouped, required, selected by default, or unpriced.
  • The commodity may have a value or be applied in proportion to the total
  • The result usually depends on the value
  • Tons of options to customize your types
  • Can make Paypal, Razorpay and Stripe funds
  • Orders can be emailed in .pdf format directly from the backend.
  • You can specify the assigned amount or share of the full payment at the finish
  • The full annotation can be displayed in the last step
  • Highly efficient booking system and calendar management
  • Saved orders can be edited directly from the backend
  • Type values ​​can be sent to Zapier.
  • Gadgets can be checkboxes, text boxes, number boxes, text areas, dropdowns, date picker files, time picker, rich content, color picker, layered images, sliders, shortcodes, or images.
  • 7 demo types included
  • Steps and objects could be hidden and calculations applied

Download WordPress plugin for WP cost estimation

Download WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder 10.1.58 Nulled

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