Relevanssi Premium 2.21.0 Nulled – WordPress Search Plugin [ Free-License]

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Relevanssi Premium Nulled offers you full login and full control with a variety of filters and methods to make Relevanssi work the best way you need for your search to work.

Relevanssi Premium Plugin Options for WordPress

  • Custom fields Relevanssi will find content in your custom fields, as well as questions like WooCommerce SKU, ACF area content, or whatever merchant you have in custom fields.
  • Taxonomy Phrases No matter when you want classes, tags or individual taxonomies, Relevanssi will return time period archive pages in searches!
  • Shortcode output Relevanssi can develop shortcodes and find content created with shortcodes.
  • People Profiles Of course, Relevanssi will find customers by their names and profile descriptions.
  • Multisite Search Relevanssi can search multiple subsites within the same multisite community.
  • PDF Content Relevanssi can examine, index, and search the text content of your PDFs.

Download Relevanssi Premium plugin for WordPress

Download Relevanssi Premium 2.21.0 Nulled

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