PDF Viewer for WordPress 10.9.2 Nulled [ Free-License]

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PDF Viewer for WordPress Nulled is one of the best promoted premium PDF reader plugins for WordPress on CodeCanyon.

PDF Viewer for WordPress Options

  • Find PDF hyperlinks regularly and activate the viewer if you choose this option.
  • We translate into more than 100 languages
  • Fully customizable PDF viewer. Adjust the viewer colors to match your website’s color mix.
  • Embed pdf with characteristic rich viewer in wordpress webpage/submit
  • Character rich admin panel and shortcodes
  • Share pdf on social networks
  • Send a hyperlink to a good friend via email
  • Allow/Disable Social Sharing
  • Enable/Disable Print Selection
  • Enable/disable boot selection
  • Enable/Disable Presentation Mode
  • Enable/disable detection selection
  • Enable/disable brand
  • Enable/disable scaling
  • Allow/Disable Web Page Navigation
  • Enable/disable automatic linking of pdf hyperlinks to the viewer
  • Model Viewer with your personal branding
  • Brand hyperlinks to your site’s homepage
  • 4 shortcodes with many parameters.
  • Shortcode to view pdf file on any submission/webpage
  • Shortcode to add hyperlink with text content to your pdf file on any submission/web page.
  • Fully Responsive PDF Viewer
  • Enter and customize all single gadgets.
  • Compatible with Web Explorer and most browsers
  • Quick and easy customer due diligence
  • Save high quality image
  • There is no third. Collect hyperlinks, set up a viewer on your website.
  • No PDF size limit
  • It uses jQuery to exchange URLs regularly, which doesn’t affect your website’s positioning if you’re using the plugin on a legacy website.
  • FlipBook View makes it more interesting.

Download PDF Viewer for WordPress

Download PDF Viewer for WordPress 10.9.2 Nulled

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