Calculated Fields Form 5.1.154 Nulled – WordPress Plugin – [ Free-License]

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Calculated Fields Form is a WordPress plugin for creating types with dynamically calculated fields.

Calculated fields form plugin options

  • It has a built-in constructor for adding/improving different kinds of disciplines, as well as a number of automatically calculated fields, mostly based on the information entered in different fields.
  • Submitted data can be emailed to multiple email addresses and an autoresponder to the consumer who completed the form.
  • The form may be pre-filled from external sources of information.
  • It is possible to link the form to the PayPal cost, both for one-time funds and for recurring/subscription funds.
  • Consists of a number of add-ons to connect to different providers or WordPress plugins.
  • Consists of many predefined layouts.

Download calculated fields form plugin

Download calculated fields form 5.1.154 Nulled

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