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Downloading AIomatic Nulled means you can post new AI-generated posts or replace previous posts with the latest content related to the article or placement.

AIomatic Plugin Options for WordPress

  • Added flexibility to add a chatbot to the front end of your website that can be pre-trained with your personal knowledge so it should respond to customers the way you prefer.
  • Playground performance has been added to the plugin, where you can create your own AI content material mainly based on hints, edit text content using AI, or create your own AI generated photos.
  • Added the ability to rewrite printed materials using artificial intelligence.
  • Using the OpenAI engine or AiomaticAPI GPT-3
  • Add a list of hosted titles and an AI command, and the plugin will create a post sequence on your website that suits your needs.
  • Mechanically add AI-generated content to the beginning or end of print posts on your website.
  • Adding a shortcode to posts or pages. Added the ability to select certain classes or messages for robotic content creation, mainly based on the artificial intelligence engine receiving the relevant knowledge.

    Added dynamic content creation options to the artificial intelligence engine that allow you to set specific keywords and create content based on the context and search options you specify.

    In addition to the “Easy Replace” options, a “Cut Text” option has been added to the plugin, which allows customers to create content materials primarily based on the AI ​​engine and completely change the materials of current messages.

    Added “Sync with website” performance, which means you can press a button and the AI ​​engine will regularly send content, mainly based on a large number of websites, providing you with up-to-date content regularly.

    Added the ability to automatically post to your social media accounts, including Twitter and Fb, with content generated by the AI ​​engine for fast promotion.

  • Create distinctive and related content all the time, good search engine optimization is worth it!
  • Custom generated placement
  • Mechanically generate placement classes or tags from headings or content.
  • Manually add placement classes or tags to gadgets
  • Create a layout, web page, or other custom layout.
  • Mechanically generate a featured post image pulled from free image sources such as Pixabay, Pexels, MorgueFile, or Flickr.
  • Enable/disable feedback, pingbacks or trackbacks for the generated post
  • Customize the title and content

Download AIomatic Nulled

Download AIomatic 1.2.9

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