Divi Ghoster 5.0.49 Nulled – Divi White Label plugin [ Free-License]

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Divi Ghost reset This means that you can report the use of the Divi or Additional theme from anyone who views or uses your website, even if they have full access to the latest end.

Divi Ghoster Plugin Options for WordPress

  • Change all branding associated with Divi or add-ons.
  • Customize Your Default WordPress Login Web Page
  • Hide Divi theme selection
  • Hide Divi/Additional from most WordPress themes
  • Hide WordPress Logo and Footer
  • Remove Divi and Extras.
  • Create custom toolbar widgets
  • Hide Exact Divi Pages from Dashboard
  • Make Divi/Extra
  • Hide WordPress Pages from Dashboard
  • Hide toolbar widgets by default
  • Intuitive
  • Remove all traces
  • Activate Final Ghoster

Download Divi Ghoster plugin for WordPress

Download Divi Ghoster 5.0.49 Nulled

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