Astra Pro 4.0.2 Nulled + Addons 4.1.1 – Extend Astra theme with Pro Addon [ Free-License]

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Astra Pro reset 4.0.2 Get access to highly effective, painless WordPress design options without the inflated prices. Thanks to the time you save, this product will pay for itself!

Astra Pro Addon Plugin Options

  • Create amazing templates with your favorite web page builder or insert a shortcode to include the format in the mega menu on your website.
  • Astra offers you the option to choose a flexible format that will allow you to stretch your entire website to the bottom of the screen.
  • Astra lets you choose from over 700 Google Fonts to provide the best typography on your website.
  • This is the title that stays at the top of the web page even when a person scrolls down. This allows you to quickly enter the menu from any part of the web page.
  • With Astra, you will be able to create specific web page sidebars that can override the default sidebar settings and settings on your website.
  • Astra is fully prepared for WooCommerce and helps you create and design your store through the customizer itself. You can create a fast and attractive store immediately!
  • Astra comes with a default full-width format that allows you to use the full width of your website’s main content.
  • You can insert certain margins around the edges of the content material to give it an extra look. Astra’s soft format makes it easy for you.
  • Astra requires less than 50 KB of source files compared to the 100 KB required for various WordPress themes.
  • Use layouts to handle the format of a website container, comparable to headers, blogs, individual pages, posts, and more.
  • Use a clear header that brings together a clear header background and pulls the web page up by bringing each one together.
  • Thanks to this, you can customize and change title breakpoints, set different logos, menu types, colors, and so on. for cellular gadget.
  • Astra allows you to display the main content in a box format to distinguish it from other content displayed on the web page.
  • You can set colors and fonts that match your model properly and simply control the colors and typography of the entire website.
  • You can add custom web page titles and set display rules to indicate them on specific pages and posts on your website.
  • Astra comes with several built-in header and footer options that can be further expanded with the Astra Pro add-on.
  • Astra uses default WordPress information and follows the most stringent coding requirements to ensure that every piece of code is optimized.
  • Astra uses vanilla JavaScript, which prevents jQuery’s render-blocking, to get back into the means and impact efficiency.
  • Astra offers you a default container, known as the main container, with its own format and settings within the customizer itself.
  • Astra is built for speed and fully optimized for efficiency. Being the lightest theme, it reaches hundreds in less than 0.5 seconds!
  • The Spacing add-on for Astra allows you to control the margins and padding around all parts and overrides the default home settings.

Download Astra Pro Addon

Download Astra Pro 4.0.2

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