AI ChatBot for WordPress with OpenAI – ChatGPT 12.4.6 Nulled [ Free-License]

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Zeroed ChatBot Plugin for WordPress with some very useful, ready to use tools. The experience of a conversational person is the path to know-how.

ChatBot Professional plugin options for WordPress

  • Add multiple ChatBot response options for each node. These will be used randomly and provide a human-like appearance to the responses.
  • The ability to skip the greeting is only for registered customers.
  • Robotically helps track intents and step-by-step solutions to requests with Dialogflow’s custom intents.
  • Shortcode for WPBot on a web page or website
  • Accumulate buyer offers via email.
  • Moderate integration with FaceBook Messenger for live chat
  • Ability to disable saved chat Historical background on all pages
  • Remember chat history in browser’s own storage and greet loyal customers
  • Easily and quickly add photos from your WordPress media library or animated Giphy GIFs from the ChatBot language environment with floating image options.
  • Extended search add-on
  • Pattern DialogFlow Agent for quick import
  • writing from right to left
  • Fast Assist for instructions that can be used in chat
  • Out of focus Browser tab flashes with customized message for redirect messages
  • Superior title recognition
  • Ability to disable WPBot on mobile gadgets
  • Paste the code to use ChatBot on another website along with a static HTML website.
  • Add a custom agent badge
  • Submission or notice of cover opening
  • Unsubscribe Command
  • Add a custom chatbot icon
  • Create a FAQ section with a range of questions and solutions
  • Call me again – the buyer leaves a mobile phone number.
  • Robotically assists Wealthy Message Response and Card Responses by Dialogflow as a FaceBook messaging app
  • Help in any language. mo/pot file included so you can translate to any language
  • Chat addon
  • Choosing to automatically open the chatbot window on the first load of a web page
  • GDPR compliance
  • Export email addresses in CSV format
  • Robotically assists custom intents and responses you create in Dialog Move
  • Add your personal chatbot background image
  • Admin-configurable chat instructions
  • Past saved chat history by shopper session on the website
  • The termination phrase dictionary is included and editable by the administrator. The bot will automatically exclude stop phrases from search standards and chat instructions.
  • Ability to choose which pages WPBot should load on
  • Robotically helps photos (jpg, gif animations) and Youtube movies from DialogFlow Intent Responses
  • Nice WPBot icon location in pixels or percentage
  • White Label add-on
  • Enable/disable the sound of the retargeting message
  • Customized background tint for message retargeting.
  • Accumulate consumer email for email newsletter subscription
  • Direct consumer for email subscription with Retargeting Nessage
  • Robotically helps photos (jpg, animated gif) and Youtube movies from ChatBot Language Settings answers
  • Option to disable saving chat history in the past
  • Google Synthetic Intelligence, Machine Exploration or AI Engine with DialogFlow V2
  • Ability to enable/disable website search, my name, email, FAQ, email subscription, etc. prepared intents
  • Moderate integration with Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, web hyperlink and mobile phone name
  • In conjunction with third party Reside Chat providers that provide a separate link to the chat web page, such as
  • Just insert any image (jpg or gif) or a full YouTube video hyperlink.
  • Pure language processing with Google Dialog Move
  • Excellent, fast website search for your pages and posts to answer people’s questions
  • Chatbot Facebook Messenger
  • Ability to open pages in a new or similar window from search results
  • Ability to hide help and various icons from the ChatBot footer.
  • Add a row of website notifications to indicate above the ChatBot icon
  • Quick access to the help section of the chatbot
  • Ability to enable/disable email handle request after an identity request
  • Join retargeting posts with any customized intent created in DialogFlow.
  • Schedule a day and time to launch WPBot. Make WPBot work with other Reside chat software.
  • Superior Language Middle to edit and change every WPBot response, system languages, stop phrases and info messages!
  • Ability to click on a hyperlink with text content to open ChatBot using a shortcode.
  • Choose from 5 ChatBot Interface Design Templates
  • Show retargeting messages to the buyer when exiting an intent, after scrolling down “X” %, or after “X” seconds.
  • Add a video to the Assist space by simply pasting the Youtube hyperlink.
  • Addition to permanent chat
  • Local retargeting and remarketing to increase buyer conversion fees.

Download ChatBot Professional plugin for WordPress

Download AI ChatBot for WordPress with OpenAI – ChatGPT 12.4.6 Nulled

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