Who is Vecna ​​on Stranger Things and why has the internet been talking about them?

The first seven episodes Stranger Things Season 4 dropped on Netflix on Friday (May 27), and the internet is abuzz with hot pictures, memes and predictions for the final two episodes, which are slated to air in July. That means get ready to see the name “Vecna” all over your social media feeds for the next few weeks.

With tens of thousands of tweets, Vecna ​​is already the most popular star of the season. So who is Vecna? And why is the internet so obsessed with it? Let’s talk about it.

Mild spoilers ahead.


Stranger Things Season 4 Escape is just different in 2022

Who is Vecna?

A dark depiction of vecna, the stranger things monster.

The Vecna ​​talks the Internet.
Credit: Netflix

It is Vecna Stranger things 4 what was Demogorgon like for season 1? In other words, he’s the big, scary monster wreaking havoc on Hawkins.

The old woman lives upside down and preys on people’s past traumas and guilt. The monster curses its victims, forcing them to relive their trauma in progressively more horrific ways until it brutally kills them. (And we mean, for example indeed brutally.) Vetsna slaughters her targets, lifting them into the air, breaking all their bones, and blasting out their eyes and skulls. And like its predecessors (Demogorgon, The Mind Flayer), Vecna ​​was named after a Dungeons & Dragons character by the party.

in the last episode of Stranger things 4 In Volume 1, it is revealed that Vecna ​​is not native to the Upside Down, but was exiled there by 11 after she horribly massacred Hawkins National Laboratory. Vetsna was the original child studied by Dr. Brenner and Victor Creel’s son. He is the infamous Number One, but his powers were blocked and he worked as an assistant at Hawkins National Laboratory. She befriended Eleven in the lab, and unaware that Vecna ​​was evil, Eleven regained her powers, leading to a massacre and her banishment to the Inverted.

Before coming to Hawkins National Laboratory, Venka had a classic villain origin story; he was obsessed with black widows, tortured his family, and brutally murdered his mother and sister, pinning it on his father.

One/Vecna ​​had her powers blocked and was working as an assistant at Hawkins National Lab, where she befriended Eleven. Unaware that One was evil, Eleven regained her powers, which she used to horribly massacre the entire lab. Eleven kicked One/Vecna ​​upside down from where she was attacking the Hawkins teenagers.

Vecna ​​specifically targets Max (Sadie Sink), and Hawkins’ gang discovers that the only way to avoid being killed by his curse is to play Max his favorite song, which happens to be “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God).” “By Kate Bush. As a result of being included in the show, the 1985 track has grown in popularity and is currently number 2 on Spotify. US Top 50 Chart(Opens in a new tab) and number 4 on it Top 200 world table.(Opens in a new tab)

Max’s obsession with “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” sparked a wider conversation on social media about discovering music through a TV show. Some gatekeepers stuck their noses up at people who found their way in Stranger Thingswhile others noted the iconic song that appeals to a new generation.

While the end of episode 4, in which Max runs head-on from Vecna ​​in an attempt to reach a portal to the real world while listening to the song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God),” is the standout scene of the season, it’s Vecna’s only viral moment. didn’t happen. Vecna’s weakness unexpectedly became an opportunity for the audience to share which song would save their lives.

“What’s your Vecna ​​song?”

“What’s your Vecna ​​song?” is now a pop-culture-savvy way to ask for someone’s favorite song.

Which song will save you?

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