What offers the best price for internet, phone and TV packages?

Puerto Vallarta (PVDN) – Among the things that have become increasingly relevant when renting Internet, TV or streaming service in Mexico are the costs versus the benefits they may have.

Telmex, Totalplay and IZZI are companies that have remained popular with the public for their internet and other various services, in addition to disclosing the costs before signing the contract so that you can choose the best option or the one that best meets your expectations and needs;

The companies have similarities on their websites, so you can compare the amount of internet bandwidth, TV channels, phone line connection or streaming services you can use, and packages to suit you best. .

Costs between Telmex, Totalplay and IZZI

There are a few things to consider in the cost-benefit comparison between Telmex, Totalplay and IZZI. This depends on the number of services required, but they can be compared as follows in their most basic packages as seen on the internet.


  • 100 megabytes with navigation: phone line + Claro Video and Paramount + Claro Drive 200GB + McAfee Antivirus free = 499 pesos per month plus installation costs.


  • 100 megabytes with navigation. phone line for 6 months at a discount + 100 TV channels + additional streaming options at cost = 550 pesos per month plus installation costs.

General game.

  • 100 megabytes of browsing: phone line + Netflix: on both devices + 20 megabytes of free browsing = 772 pesos per month plus installation costs.

Telmex, Totalplay or IZZI. Who has the best internet speed?

According to the Federal Institute of Telecommunications ( IFT: ), thanks to the new tool, the satisfaction levels of users of fixed Internet, pay TV and fixed and mobile telephony services are shown at the national level based on the general satisfaction index, which was surveyed between May 19 and June 21. 2022

The scale is from 0 to 100 points, and the national average is 70.8.

  • Totalplay is in first place with 76.3 points
  • IZZI is in second place with 72 points
  • Telmex is in third place with 69.4 points

Which Telmex, Totalplay or IZZI packages include TV services?

packages offered by Totalplay: strives to bring consumers access to Internet, phone and cable television at a lower cost, including streaming services, than the competition.

At the same time, Telmex is increasing the cost of streaming in its packages where it seeks to generate customers from that point and does not offer pay TV in its packages.

Izzy In turn, it offers more megabytes and TV channels, although it leaves streaming channels as separate contracts or through the same contract.

So, a basic package in each case with TV and Internet, or streaming and the Internet, will be compared in value as follows.

  • 100 megabytes with navigation. Telmex offers two streaming services (Claro Video and Paramount Plus) plus phone installation for $499 pesos per month.
  • 100 megabytes with navigation. Totalplay: offers 80 channels of TV plus phone installation for $739 a month.
  • 100 megabytes with navigation. IZZY: offers 100 channels of TV for 6 months for $500 pesos per month.

For expats who want Internet and TV, IZZI offers an international TV package with many English channels, including news. If high-speed Internet is a priority, the downside is that IZZI offers a maximum speed of 100 Mbps. This is acceptable for most people and streaming, but not as fast as many companies offer these days when we use an increasing number of devices that connect to the Internet in our homes every day.

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