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X.LA Chief Product Officer Alexey Savchenko attended the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco from March 20th to 24th, where he presented a demo version of XLA Metasites to the general public.

He spoke about the new development “Evolving Approaches. what the Metaverse can teach us about social and narrative design through synthetic media” during a panel co-hosted by Rob Otten, founder and CEO of Hexagram.

According to Savchenko, Metasites is a modular 3D web framework built by XLA that enables individual creators to host their Unreal Engine-built content and connect it to XLA’s ecosystem of features and services. The presentation revealed the basic experience of high-fidelity graphics, instant access to the cloud system through the browser, GPT-3.5 integration of OpenAI, which feeds inactive characters and their behavior, IVEE virtual assistant, the ability to analyze text semantically and create 3D scenes in UE5, and much more. other features.

“We call these metasites, and the idea here is that each of these locations is part of an infinite network of 3D, explorable areas. Like hyperlinks, these worlds are connected by portals, and like today’s web, the underlying infrastructure operates on a set of open protocols and standards.” says Savchenko.

XLA states that it must distribute access to its system to both individual creators and Enterprise customers based on a revenue-sharing model, giving each party full control and management of their content.

“We strongly believe that the future of the Internet is in 3D and seek to collaborate with creators and brands from all sectors and industries to build it together,” Savchenko adds.

Users of Metasites will have access to virtual assets and various technology tools provided as part of the XLA offering. These include a versatile SDK, experience editor, inventory and product management system, payment processing, marketing tools, and more. XLA also strives to provide a seamless interoperable experience when it comes to digital items, with different functions linked to inventory objects in different environments, explains the X.LA CPO.

In addition, users can transform virtual worlds to create unique content. This could be their personal domains, clothing or character design. Thus, the X.LA team will contribute to the development of the creative digital economy.

“What we are creating,” continued Savchenko, “is the evolution of the Internet and a new form of storytelling. authors shape worlds that create their own agency, presence, and stories that are accessible across multiple platforms.” It’s not about bringing games to new audiences. It’s about making it easy to communicate, educate, trade, play and create while being fairly rewarded for your actions.

The project is currently funded with an initial $100 million and is slated for closed beta as early as this summer. Enterprise and Creators plans will launch next quarter, with full commercial release expected in Q4 2023.

About the XLA

Founded in February 2022, XLA builds innovative marketing integrations with digital elements to equalize revenue sharing on the blockchain with partners. XLA believes in decentralization and an honest internet economy and provides users complete creative freedom to create in any medium and style they want, retain ownership of their content and url-based Metasite, and charge only for development, operational and platform costs. .

Along with access to Metasites, XLA wants to provide users with access to a full suite of supporting features and services, including a versatile SDK, experience editor, inventory and product management system, payment processing, marketing tools, and more.

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