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OhOne of the best parts of being a “professional” “comedian” is that you can spend literally hours a day scrolling through weird and funny content online, laughing your fat ass off, and convincing yourself that what you’re doing qualifies as “research “. “.

(It will be harder to convince your management/parents/lover/accountant of this.

Here I’ve collected some of my favorite pieces of research for your entertainment. I tried to find the right balance between gems on purpose comedy and the mistakes and sufferings of others. Enjoy!

1. “Linking doesn’t have to be same-sex.”

An extraordinary example of the art of stand-up comedy in action. Contemporary material combines with physical theater and deafening silence to create unforgettable magic.

2. Ben Kochan hoping for a good tweet

I hope I think of a good tweet today.

— Ben Kochan (@BenKochan) July 29, 2020

Because I’m cynical, bitter, and dead inside, it’s very rare for me to actually laugh out loud at anything. But this Twitter thread by young Ben Kochan really made me laugh.

I appreciate the level of commitment required to spread the joke over five hour intervals and the powerful tragicomedy embedded in the second tweet; “Nothing yet. There’s still time, though.”

It’s also extremely meta that in this presentation of failed quests for a good tweet, Kochan has actually produced some very good tweets. In my opinion, this is with the work of Samuel Beckett.

3. Black Comedy Black and White Woman Sketch (Part Two)

I remember seeing this on TV when it first aired and gasping for breath. Tiffany’s premise, writing, and execution are outrageous, bold, and so funny My friend (Waka Waka) and I have watched this many times and will often remark to each other that we feel like we’re drowning and we’ll “be like a dogong” and we have to take off.

Yes, a big part of the sketch’s success is Brooke Satchwell’s heroic performance, but it’s also a testament to the brilliant team of First Nations artists responsible for creating Black Comedy and their willingness. go there, fully trusting their comedic instincts. The result is a genuinely hilarious work that brutally skewers the most difficult white behavior without ever becoming too preachy.

(This scene is my favorite, but I also recommend watching it Tiffany’s introduction and: his recovery path.)

4. History analysis

Perfect, no notes. (Please vote Green).

5. Britney Spears tweet about climate change and also Lady Gaga

Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Lady Gaga. I think she’s a really interesting artist.

— Britney Spears 🌹🚀 (@britneyspears) February 10, 2011

Great job here from Britney, the quintessential millennial icon. To me, this 2011 tweet tells you everything you need to know about the attention economy, celebrities, social media, and late-stage capitalist culture.

And he is right. Gaga is really interesting artist.

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6. Titus Andromedon reveals the truth behind cats

This moment from season four of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (in the episode Kimmy Is Rich*! written by Meredith Scardino and Evan Waite) has everything a gay/musical theater kid/comedy nerd like me could want: incredible lines delivered by funny people and a wry/romantic satire about how ridiculous and stupid Cats the Musical is.

By the way, I really like Cats. In the early 2000s a big touring production of it came to my hometown of Warrnambool and I went to see it and it blew my little mind and made me want to be a performer. Having said that, I absolutely agree that it is nonsensical and insane and deserving of ridicule.

There’s a lot of goodness here, from the names “Frumbumbly” and “Jimmy McCracklins” to the whole premise that Cats. is a theater spoof populated solely by desperate musical theater actors who simply make up cat-based contraptions and steal things from children and the elderly. (“The two demographics that leave the most.”)

7. Norman Swan’s wrong tweet


— Norman Swan (@normanswan) June 4, 2020

When it comes to the tweets that define the pandemic, we all know and love them Dan Murphy’s Opening Hours by Professor Peter Doherty. But I’d like to send some love to this underrated piece that ABC’s coronavirus expert Dr. Norman Swan posted in June 2020 and thankfully never got deleted.

8. “You can’t grow concrete”

As amazing as the bloated diabolical talking heads of the Australian corporate media are, our conservative pundits know nothing about the ignorant weirdos who take over the UK airwaves.

Exhibit A is TalkTV’s Mad Mike Graham, who showed in this 2021 interview with a climate change activist that he’s smart and knowledgeable about what can and can’t be grown. Graham quickly ended the interview, not to avoid any more ownership, but because he was done being too right.

Finn Taylor is a brilliant standup comedian and a good friend and you should definitely check out his stuff. One of his best media appearances was this one on the US NFL show Good Morning Football when broadcast live from London. Fee received a yellow card despite the fact that he has never seen an NFL game in his life and has no interest in the sport. He proceeded to brutally grill all British NFL fans, show hosts and people who drink Monster. It was great.

10. Mr. Oily by Greg Larsen

Sorry for picking on something that relates to me, but in my defense, I’m not the laughing stock of this whole thing. That honor goes entirely to my partner and friend Greg “Gaggy” Larsen, perhaps the funniest dude working in Australian comedy today. In the dying weeks of our ABC late-night show Tonightly, Greg floated the idea that he would bring a very oily Mr. Oily character to the screen, and we said,

I think the results speak for themselves.

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