These films reveal the disgusting toxicity of the internet and social media

Social media and comment sections were created as a way for people to connect and have an online community. It’s ideal for finding and reuniting with long-distance friends, old friends from the past, and connecting with new people. In the age of Covid, it was a literal necessity. Also, in today’s world of online marketing and social media management, many businesses are also using it for digital advertising as it is a cheaper option than print marketing. In theory, social media should provide its users with a sense of community and a place where they can safely express themselves through posts, pictures, videos, and other content.

However, the sad reality is that social media often does the exact opposite of what it is intended to do. Many daily users feel more depressed and lonely than ever. That’s because it creates a false sense of reality that everyone around you has a perfect life. While some social media users are open and honest about their struggles in life, many users gloss over everything and thus only highlight their best moments. This gives the impression that they are completely and utterly happy, which can overwhelm those around them because their lives will never match up.

Another problem with social media is the fact that people are ruthless and act as internet trolls. They hide behind their computer screen and use it as a way to bully others by typing mean comments on posts or stalking or even blackmailing users. They post cruel comments that they would never say in person because they think the internet gives them the freedom to do so; Internet comment sections seem to have given humanity carte blanche to pointlessly and ineffectively spew hate and negativity with enormous arrogance. Today we watch movies that expose the disgusting toxicity of the internet, social media and comment sections.


8 o’clock Unfriendly

Premiere: 2014 Unfriendly was the first a feature film exists entirely in the digital space of a computer screen. This supernatural horror film follows five friends who connect via Skype a year after their classmate died by suicide after a video of him passing out and fainting went viral. During their Skype call, the five friends are joined by an unknown user known as billie227. They quickly learn that billie227 is the account of their classmate who killed himself. Billie227 begins to taunt them, forcing them to reveal secrets about each other and forcing their friends to commit their brutal suicides. Unfriendly explores themes of revenge, false friendship, secrets and lies.

It is connected. the true toxicity of social media has been revealed is a 2019 53-minute documentary about the influence of social media and smartphones on younger generations. It explores how these generations have been born into a world of technology and how difficult it is to function without the use of phones or social media. Enabled explores how the design and function of social media work in ways that engage and distract people from the real world and face-to-face interactions.

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6:00 A million hits!

The cast of a million hits
Wild Eye rReleasing

Most bullies act the way they do because they are insecure about themselves and trying to get attention. This is evidenced by the next title, A million hits!, which follows a group of girls who bully online for views and likes. These girls terrorize their high school until Jess, who is responsible for filming their “staged” terror attack, tries to take a stand against them. A million hits! It begs the question of how far a group of girls will go to seek fame and attention on social media. While the plot may sound disgusting, it unfortunately reflects the reality that today’s social media influencers and users seem to do anything to get views and attention.

5:00 Confidence

In addition to cyberbullying, the Internet is also home to sex offenders and child abusers. In ConfidenceAnnie is excited to finally have a boyfriend she met online. However, Charlie is not all that he seems. After arranging for the two of them to meet, Charlie forces her into a motel, where he rapes her. This encounter distorts Annie’s idea of ​​what love really is and sends her into a downward spiral of confusion and depression. Confidence explores the dangers of social media and chat rooms, especially for underage children, as it shows their vulnerability and desire to be loved and accepted. Confidence One of Clive Owen’s best films, but also features some truly amazing performances from everyone involved, including Catherine Keener, Jason Clarke and Viola Davis.

4: Cyber ​​attack

Cyber ​​attack
Muse Entertainment / Gayam

Cyber ​​attack is an emotionally devastating film about the toxicity of social media and rumours. Taylor Hillridge (Emily Osment) has the teenage dream life, friends at school, and a beautiful date for the upcoming school dance. On her 17th birthday, she receives a laptop from her mother and is excited to start her online presence. However, she soon finds herself the victim of cyberbullying, and rumors of her being a “slut” and a “slut” quickly spread. As things escalate, Taylor sinks into a deep depression and attempts to take her own life. Cyber ​​attack shows the power of words and their ability to easily ruin a person’s reputation.

3: Rise of the Trolls

Similar On, Rise of the Trolls is another great must-watch documentary on the negative effects of social media and smartphones. With your smartphone in hand, the whole world is ready at your fingertips. However, is that a positive or negative thing? Find out inside rise of the trolls which begs the question. Has the anonymity of the Internet unleashed a ‘dark demon’ in all of us? Discover the answer in this short documentary from 2016.

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2: Turn off

Alexander skarsgård in disconnect
LD Entertainment

Turn off follows the lives of three people as they interact online. Kyle (Max Thieriot) works as a video chat stripper, high school student Ben becomes the victim of cyberbullying after being persuaded to send a nude picture of himself to classmates posing as a fake girl, and Cindy (Paula Patton) gets him and her husband had their identities stolen after visiting an online support group website following the death of their son. Turn off tells these three stories of digital age dramas and the aftermath of the events. While none of the stories are resolved in the end, the characters move toward a more hopeful future as they move away from the “disconnect” inherent in social media and comment sections. The film is full of great performances by Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Alexander Skarsgård and others.

1: Internet warriors

Internet warriors is a short film produced by The Guardian and asks: who are the people who get so angry and hurt online spending so much time spewing hate at strangers? This question inspired Norwegian filmmaker Kirre Lien to spend three years traveling the world to uncover the personalities behind all these “internet warriors” and why they do what they do. This is a disappointing look at the pitiful people in the comment sections who need a lot of help.

With so many movies and documentaries about the negative effects of social media and the internet, it really makes you wonder how healthy the world’s population is today, and why so many people are so bitterly angry.

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