KUB is rolling out fiber optic internet. When will you get it?

About 25,000 homes could get fiber optic Internet from the Knoxville Utilities Board by the end of the year, and another 35,000 homes will get access in 2023.

KUB’s newest service is part of an effort to modernize the utility’s network and provide an affordable option in East Tennessee, Jamie Davis, vice president of fiber and chief technology officer, told Knox News.

You may have already heard that some residents are getting early access to the service. The 210,000 households that get their electricity from KUB will have Internet access, probably within the next six years.

Eventually, thousands of East Tennessee households will have Internet access for the first time.

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Advocates say utility fiber is a business recruiting tool, an educational leg up for students and a digital equalizer for underserved and underserved communities.

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