Keanu Reeves ‘has no problem’ being an ‘internet friend’ and appreciates the ‘goodwill’ behind it

Keanu Reeves jokes about how obsessed his fans are with him.

Wednesday in New York John Wick. At the Chapter 4 premiere, the 58-year-old actor said he appreciated the sentiment.

“I really appreciate the goodwill,” he said People when asked how she feels about the internet’s love for her.

And it’s not just the internet that’s awash in the charm of Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure cast.

Keanu’s John Wick 4 co-star Rina Sawayama stopped by Good Morning America on Wednesday morning to chat about her new film.

Online friend. Keanu Reeves has told People that he appreciates the goodwill of being the Internet’s favorite actor. saw the John Wick premiere on Wednesday

During his interview, he told how much he admires his colleague Reeves.

“He was so sweet… he’s not much of a showman,” the Japanese/British singer began.

‘He does a lot of things behind the scenes to make sure everyone is comfortable. So kind.

In fact, the Point Break star is so universally loved that a fan recently proposed to her.

The offer took place during a question-and-answer session with John Wick on stage.

Agreed VarietyReeves shared with the audience how he keeps his character’s watch and wedding ring as mementos, prompting an outburst from the potential bride.

‘I will marry you.’ The fan stated, which caused Keanu’s funny response. “Yeah, be careful what you wish for.”

Handsome boy. Rina Sawayama talked about how much she admires her John Wick co-star, saying: “She was so sweet…she’s not a showy person, she does a lot of things behind the scenes to make sure everyone is comfortable.”
Offer: a fan proposed to the Speed ​​star at SXSW, prompting her to say yes, be careful what you wish for.

If Reeves accepted the proposal, it would be his first marriage, as the acting star has never been married.

Last month, the Speed ​​actor had to deal with an overzealous fan of a different nature.

The actor was granted a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker who broke into his property numerous times to oddly prove they were related.

The Constantine star’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart appeared in court to seek protection for Reeves and co-star Alexandra Grant from Brian Dixon, 38, who has been “harassing them for months”.

He is also a fan. Keanu’s John Wick 4 star Rina Sawayama stopped by Good Morning America on Wednesday morning to chat about her new movie. Seen on Wednesday

Keanu hired a security company to investigate Dixon after he kept showing up at his home, where security footage showed Dixon trespassing six times between November 5 and January 20.

Dixon allegedly entered through a side gate and slept in the backyard on Nov. 5 before jumping out. Security footage shows him staring at walls, smoking in a park and walking on an outdoor patio.

He then returned the next morning, leaving a “suspicious and alarming” rucksack on the property, which included a DNA testing kit “apparently intended to be used on Mr Reeves in a delusional attempt to prove they were blood-related”.

Keanu’s team also claims that Dixon has posted disturbing messages on social media calling himself “Jasper Keith Reeves” and wants to “manage” Keanu and give the actor his personal “rights”.

They added that Dixon is not known to the actor. A temporary restraining order allowed Dixon to come within 100 yards of Keanu and Alexandra. It turns out the police are now involved.

Stalker: The Matrix star was recently granted a temporary restraining order against stalkers. seen in John Wick 4

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