How Pedro Pascal became a resident of the Internet

There aren’t many things the internet agrees on.

From dress color to showering every day, there seems to be something new to argue about. But one thing is certain. Pedro Pascal is the healthy father of the Internet.

Despite being part of Hollywood for more than a decade, starring in blockbusters Narcos, Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian, Pascal’s fever has recently risen thanks to Joel Miller’s latest role in the HBO apocalyptic series. The Last of Us. Since airing five weeks ago, Pascal has won rave reviews for his portrayal of the reluctant father, with a whole new legion of fans drawn to his good looks, cheeky flirtatiousness and mischievous dry humor.

Pedro Pascal

/ Guglielmo Mangiapane / Reuters

The 47-year-old’s face is now inescapable on TikTok and Instagram as some of his funniest and most blush-inducing past interviews from fans have garnered millions of likes since being posted. Everyone is focused on him being just a great guy.

Many have noted that she is strongly left-wing and supports LGBTQ+ rights, especially in relation to her sister Lux, who is a transgender actor and activist.

Below are the best moments that confirmed that Pascal is a social media resident.

She hugs her dad

Social media can be a world unto itself, full of inside jokes. Although most A-listers prefer to stay away from it, Pascal has fully transitioned into his internet-assigned dad role. During a red carpet interview at the premiere of The Last of Us, a host read a thirsty tweet. “I call Pedro Pascal ‘DILF’ and I think he’s my good, badass father.” To which he looked straight into the camera and said. While proudly smiling at his fatherly glory knowing he was about to break the internet again.

His friendly rivalry with Oscar Isaac

Celebrating the New Year in 2021 with the best Oscar Isaac

/ Pedro Pascal / Instagram

His only other contender for internet dad is Oscar Isaac, who has also earned his thirst. that red carpet steamy shoulder kiss with jessica chastain. However, during the lie detector test, Pascal was quick to obliterate any competition. Admitting that Isaac is older and does in fact have children, she was quick to confirm that “daddy’s psycho”, giving the camera a cheeky wink, adding: “I am your father.”

Admitting he looks at fan pages when he’s down

The lie detector interview with Vanity Fair was a treasure trove of Pascal magic. In fact, several parts of it have gone viral recently, especially the part where the Chilean-born actor admitted to watching his fans’ stories when he was feeling down.

“Have you ever looked at those Instagram pages dedicated to you being a heartthrob when you’re down?” After a quick nervous look, the actor admitted. “It’s called the ‘Pedro Pascal Fan Account,'” he added, in case any of you want to look it up.

Practically adopting co-star Bella Ramsey

The Last of Us

/ HBO:

Pascal may not have biological children, but his friendship with on-screen and off-screen co-star Bella Ramsey, 19, proves he’s up for the role. In a delightful interview, the two discuss working on the show, as well as topics such as what they would take if they were in a zombie apocalypse (Pascal said her dress from Game of Thrones, by the way) and who. it was more awkward when they met.

However, Ramsey also opened up about Pascal helping them with their gender journey, saying the conversations “were not always deep; they can be fun and humorous, the whole spectrum. We were just very honest and open with each other.” And added that they felt that they got another father.

He has age appropriate relationships

Pedro Pascal

/ Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Fans love that she appears to have the right dating habits in an industry that is notoriously tight-fisted. His only official relationship has been with Law & Order actress Maria Dizzia, 48, although he has previously been linked to Robin Tunney, 50, and Lena Headey, 49 (although he only refers to them as his “good friends”). asked, so we’ll never know the truth).

His now defunct Twitter

Like we said, the internet loves when celebrities get involved, especially when they do it in a heartfelt (and hilarious) way. Pascal frequently reposts fan edits on his Instagram account and was a bona fide Twitter star until he shut it down in protest of Elon Musk’s accidental takeover of the platform. Whether he was replying to thirsty tweets, telling fans he’s binge-watching The Incredibles 2, or correcting his haters’ grammar mistakes, Pascal’s Twitter-era screenshots are still going viral today.

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