Ditch cable. Get Verizon Home Internet now starting at $25/month

What you need to know.

  • Verizon Home Internet – 5G Home Internet, Fios and LTE Home – now starting at $25 per month with AutoPay and one of our premium 5G cellular plans.

  • All Verizon Home Internet plans have no hidden fees, no annual contracts, no additional charges for required equipment, and now the price is guaranteed for up to four years with Fios Gigabit Connection.

  • We have new offers and bonuses for Fios home Internet customers, including new Gigabit plans for streaming and gaming, price locks, Verizon Home Router rentals included with Internet plans, and more.

NEW YORK – Today Verizon announced big savings for home internet. Now our award-winning Fios Home Internet, our 5G Home Internet and LTE Home Internet on our award-winning mobile network are available to customers starting as low as $25 per month with AutoPay and a premium 5G mobile plan without. additional fees, equipment charges, annual contracts or data caps1. At a time when the cost of almost everything seems to be going up, Verizon offers home internet at a price you’ll love.

With this new offer, the price is the price, guaranteed. So ditch the cable and switch to Verizon Home Internet with no regrets.

“Since the beginning, Verizon has been the gold standard when it comes to providing fast and reliable phone service, so we’re excited to bring that same standard of excellence to customers with our home Internet services nationwide at an unbeatable value,” they said. Frank Bulben Chief Revenue Officer, Verizon Consumer Group. “At a time when Americans are taking a closer look at their finances, it’s important to know that you have new choices for your home Internet. You don’t have to stick with an unreliable supplier and you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money.”

Ultra savings for Verizon customers

Being a Verizon customer pays big. you get our best experience at a great value, giving you exactly what you need with no hidden fees.

Customers enrolled in our premium 5G Unlimited cellular plans can save $25 on Verizon’s home internet offerings from LTE Home, 5G Home and Fios, reducing the cost of basic plans, now including the 300 Mbps Fios plan, down to just $25 a month. Auto payment for new home subscribers.

Are you already a Verizon Home Internet subscriber with a Fios Internet plan and are considering switching to our 5G mobile network? There are savings there too. Current Fios Gigabit customers can save up to $10/month for four lines when they switch to America’s most awarded network with AutoPay on select 5G cell phone plans.

Internet services and 5G Ultra Wideband are available in select areas and 5G Nationwide is available in over 2,700 cities. To learn more about Verizon Home Internet Services, visit and plug in your address to see what service is available in your area.

Starting today, Fios customers get more

Today, Fios announced a series of bonuses and programs for new customers who sign up for mobile and home plans that offer greater choice and flexibility on an award-winning, 100% fiber network with download speeds significantly faster than cable. .

In addition to the $25 discount for new Fios customers on our premium 5G cellular plans, here are some of the most exciting new offers from Fios:

  • Four-year price guarantee on Gigabit and 2 Gigabit plans

  • New 1 Gig and 2 Gig plan options where available, so gaming and streaming customers can choose from plans that best suit their home internet needs.

  • Access 300 Mbps and 500 Mbps plans with Fios (that means you can get 300 Mbps internet, download and upload, with upload speeds much faster than cable) for just $25 a month if you have one of our premium 5G unlimited mobile plans and sign up for AutoPay and our Mobile+Home discount.)

  • Free router rental included with all Fios internet plans

  • Premium plan perks include up to 12 months of Disney+ for us (after that one subscription is $7.99/month per Verizon account and customers can cancel at any time), Verizon Cloud Storage, up to $100 in game credits and more.

To unlock these savings, customers must enroll in the Fios Mobile+Home Rebate and a home internet setup fee may apply.

Learn more about Fios at

Now that you have a Verizon Home Internet and 5G cellular plan, upgrade to a new phone

To show our customers some love, we’re giving new and existing customers amazing deals on the latest 5G phones. Another example of Verizon’s continued offering of 5G mobility at an affordable price. A visit or visit a Verizon retailer for details.

Today’s announcement builds on Verizon’s 5G growth and innovation across its mobility, nationwide broadband and consumer offerings.

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