As the Internet Freedom Project expands, a snowflake becomes a blizzard

back in my chat room QuietInternet freedom activist and former Google Ideas engineer, I ask.

“We’re both in the US, so yeah, I think we’re good,” he replies.

As one of the few tools to access blocked and censored information on the Internet, Serene’s Snowflake is widely used by citizens of oppressive regimes. It is mainly done through Tor, an open source browser that enables secure, private and anonymous Internet browsing.

Snowflake is one of the few pluggable transports, also known as Tor Bridge, currently available for the browser. By pretending the user is in a normal video or voice call, the project allows users to bypass internet censorship.

He is now revealing Snowstorm, an upgraded version of Snowflake that Serene claims will be faster, more generalizable, and have more features. Snowstorm is fast enough to stream YouTube videos, which previous versions couldn’t do.

The software has been rewritten and refactored using Rust and the system client, indicating that the software is not Tor-based. As a result, users will have more choice and agency.

Furthermore, Snowstorm has created its own company to maintain the code and support a full-time team of core developers.

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