AI is a ‘more dramatic’ shift than electricity or the internet; CEO of Intuit

Intuit ceo sasan gudarzi, pictured at fortune's brainstorm ai 2022 event.

Intuit CEO Sasan Gudarzi, pictured at Fortune’s Brainstorm AI 2022 event. Nick Otto for Fortune

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Fortune:The Brainstorm AI conference kicked off in San Francisco yesterday, providing a dramatic testament to the progress AI technology has made over the past year. (If you haven’t been following those developments, check out this piece on Open AI’s new chatbot, or play with its sibling, Dall-Ewhich makes images from text.)

Some excerpts from the conference.

“We believe AI is the biggest platform change since electricity and the Internet. And we think it’s actually more dramatic than that…that it will ignite innovation around the world. About four years ago, we updated our strategy, and we actually defined AI as a core element of that strategy… It’s not a side gig.”
Sasan Gudarzi, CEO of Intuit

“I don’t think artificial intelligence and machine learning are the solution to every problem. It really comes back to the crux of the question. “What is the business problem I’m trying to solve? What is the problem with the product I am trying to solve? And being really clear about it.”
Yael Garten, Director of AI, Apple

“I think that our entire society at the moment, in addition to the economy of shareholders, also has this conversation about the economy of stakeholders. And I think [A.I.] should be part of the same conversation, because in this process of creating and deploying AI, it will affect all of our lives, and it’s really important that we include all stakeholders of this technology in the design process.”
—Fei-Fei Li, co-director of Human-Centered AI at Stanford

This may surprise people, but I think you’ll find that most of us embrace regulation because we have to think, “When is it appropriate to use these technologies?” How do we get them out into the world so that we don’t disrupt them, but make sure that we use them in the most useful ways, in the most appropriate ways, with enough control and thought?”
James Maniika, Senior Vice President of Technology and Society at Google

“There’s more AI in Snapchat on your phone than in the US DOD (Department of Defense) combined.”
Brian Schimpf, CEO of Anduril Industries

Today, we routinely train AI systems on 50 data points or 100 data points. Data-driven AI is a key technology that is starting to work on these much smaller data sets. It democratizes access to AI.”
— Andrew Ng, CEO of Landing AI

You can watch today’s conference sessions here. More news below. And here’s your fun fact for the day. 16 former PepsiCo executives are now Fortune 500 CEOs. How did a snack company become a CEO talent factory? Phil Wahba dives in here.

Alan Murray


CEO of Slack

In what he called a “strange coincidence,” Stewart Butterfield announced his resignation as CEO of Slack just days after Brett Taylor announced his departure as co-CEO of Slack parent Salesforce. Butterfield told employees (apparently in a Slack message) that he was “not going to do anything entrepreneurial.” He will be replaced by current Vice President Lydian Jones. how Fortune:Kylie Robison writes: “The string of departures raises more questions about Salesforce’s senior management team and its plans to groom a potential successor to founder and CEO Marc Benioff. Fortune:

Neuralink probe

Federal authorities are reportedly investigating Elon Musk’s Neuralink for possible animal welfare violations. The brain chip company has killed nearly 1,500 animals in its research, and some employees have complained about the hasty tests that pose unnecessary risks to the animals, Reuters reported. Reuters:

Train promotion

The CEO of KLM has encouraged passengers to take the train rather than fly where it makes sense to do so because of lower carbon emissions. Marjan Rintel was head of rail before taking over the Dutch flag carrier in July. His proposal comes in the context of several European countries, including the Netherlands, trying to discourage air travel for relatively short trips. Financial Times


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Twitter photos show Caroline Ellison in New York, suggesting a brokerage deal with FTX by Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez.

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