How a career criminal made more than half a million for items he never bought

It was a “profitable full-time job,” and he traveled across the country to trick stores into giving him returns for items he never bought. Now prosperous shopkeeper Narinder Kaur faces a “significant” sentence after being convicted of 26 major charges including fraud.

Also known as Nina Tiara, an investigation into the career criminal found she committed “theft on an industrial scale” between July 2015 and February 2019. The “extensive” four-year scam netted him more than half a million pounds.

The store also cheated them out of their money more than 1,000 times. Kaur’s “extraordinary lengths” included legally changing her name before opening bank accounts and credit cards under a second identity to avoid detection.

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But his scheme extended even further. He defrauded a council of thousands by claiming they had accidentally put “too many zeros” on their payments and needed refunds.

Police raided his home and found around £150,000 in cash and stolen goods hidden inside. Investigators were able to prove he was guilty after combing through financial data, retail records, witness evidence and CCTV footage.

Narinder Kaur in an M&S store(Image: CPS)

On CCTV, he was caught entering shops, stealing items and taking them to the till, but then pretending to have bought them earlier. An examination of his accounts proved that he had done this hundreds of times.

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