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Wix promo codes – in March 2023


Is Wix free to use?

You can enjoy many of the benefits of Wix for free, although it is important to remember that this comes with some compromises. For example, you’ll have a Wix domain and the company will also place its ads on your site too. In order to get your own domain and get rid of the ads you’ll want to upgrade to a paid-for plan.

What will a Wix paid plan cost me?

There are several Wix plans to consider. You can choose from a varied array of plans that start from $16 per month and go right up to $45 per month. Generally speaking, the more you pay, the more features and functions you’ll get such as more storage space and a wider array of power tools for getting the job done.

Can I use Wix for business?

Wix has plans specifically tailored towards the business user who needs e-commerce features as part of the package. A basic plan starts from just $27 per month, but the more powerful business-focused options top out at $59 per month. A beefy Enterprise package costs $500 per month, but this is a plan that comes packed with advanced features.

Does Wix offer much support?

Wix is ​​essentially so easy to use that you shouldn’t have too many problems getting a site up and running. However, along with lots of answers to common questions and tutorial videos, the Wix Help Center is a great place to read up on support articles or contact the Wix team directly.

Does Wix offer domains?

If you sign up for the free plan then this version of Wix does not have a unique web domain name as part of the package. Opt for a paid-for plan though and you’ll be able to add an individual domain name to make your site look truly professional.

Wix hints and tips

A handy way of getting to grips with Wix in order to see if it suits your requirements is to explore the 14-day trial of the Wix Premium edition. This allows you to try all of the extra tools and build the pages you need. If you’re keen to keep the end result, simply sign up for a paid version of the same account.

If you’re currently in full-time education it is possible to get 50% off the cost of your Wix subscription thanks to a discount offered by the company. You’ll need to verify your student status using a Student Beans account in order to complete the process.

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