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Why Small Businesses Should Automate Their Entire Marketing Strategy

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9 minutes ago

New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – If you’re a small business owner, you know that getting your name and brand out there is important for your bottom line, but it can be tough to reach the right people. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko recently spoke about these challenges with Philip Smith, the man behind philipsmith.coman online firm that helps people with lead generation, digital marketing and so much more.

Phil is a four-time, Inc. 5000 Award Honoree, Forbes & Inc. contributor, consultant, author and serial entrepreneur. He spoke about why it’s so important for small businesses to focus on marketing, especially digital marketing.

Phil said, “I’ve been doing this since 1998, so it’s been a long time. The Internet’s changed, but more than ever, you need to use online marketing to grow a business. So, ..because we have the experience, we’ve been doing it for ourselves. We created a platform called, and what that platform does, is it literally automates an entire marketing strategy.”

Most small businesses need to generate leads in order to grow their businesses. When done effectively, digital marketing can target very specific audiences, multiple times, and be used as a tool to turn qualified leads into customers. Philip Smith can help small businesses with limited staff, use this new platform to perform several different functions.

Phil says, “So we’re talking about SMS marketing, email marketing. You could build your own website. It’s a CRM to manage the leads or any type of data that a company has, even as a dialer system. Literally everything that a company can need, to automate their entire marketing strategy. So our tagline is automate everything.”

All In One Marketing is a complete software solution that helps businesses drive down their marketing costs, increase their sales and automate their entire marketing strategy. Business owners can use this platform to operate, promote and scale their business.

Watch this interview and learn more about how Philip F. Smith Digital Marketing Consulting might be able to help your small business, as Phil answers the following questions:

  • How can the All In One Marketing platform save money for a business?
  • Tell us about your Business Advisory Services and your work with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on the TV show Shark Tank.
  • Because of all that you and your platform can do for people, viewers might be nervous about the cost. Can you tell us what they can expect?
  • Why would you encourage people who haven’t tried digital marketing to give it a try?

To learn more about Philip F. Smith Digital Marketing Consulting and the services they offer, visit their website at:

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