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Why Instagram Is Still a Priority Platform for Marketers

The Global Social Media Trends Report from HubSpot and Brandwatch has discovered that a slight majority of marketers (51%) planned to increase their spend with Meta-owned Instagram, where they found the largest return on investment and where they saw the most growth potential.

TikTok came in second, but despite its growing popularity only 19% of marketers expected to spend more on the platform.

“Instagram has proven to be the best source of ROI, engagement and quality leads (tied with Facebook),” according to the report. “Marketers also feel that the Instagram algorithm is the most accurate, and that it’s the best place to grow a brand audience.”

In total, 1,283 global social media marketers and more than 600 US consumers took part in the study, which was conducted at the end of 2022.

“We see Instagram as a platform that offers better linkage to driving sales conversion opportunities, as well as offering a balance of shopper and brand audiences in comparison to TikTok,” explained Sebastian Micozzi, svp of digital transformation at Bacardi.

Savvy marketers should embrace these new tools as complementary to irreplaceable human elements of marketing.

Carrie Parker, CMO, Brandwatch

“As a portfolio of premium spirits brands, we have to be mindful of following local regulations as well as considering potential brand safety risks around consumers of legal drinking age, both of which we feel satisfied with on Instagram and Meta’s platforms in general. As a space for displaying our creative content and for receiving data back to inform future planning, it also continues to beat the competition,” he added.

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