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Direct marketing is a way of thinking. An important aspect of direct marketing is that the recipient should always have the opportunity to respond to your message, either by buying directly, finding out more information, calling, visiting your store, or your website. Another aspect is that direct marketing must be measurable. In other words, you must be able to find out what results you’ve obtained from your activities and you must be able to map the recipient’s behavior.

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Direct marketing is about understanding your customers and using this knowledge to sell more to both new and existing customers. If you want to build an effective direct marketing strategyyou’ll need to be able to identify the best types of direct marketing to use for your campaign.

Continue reading to learn more about the various types of direct marketing and how you can get started.

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Pop-Up Ads

Pop-ups can sometimes disrupt the users’ experience, and for this reason, some companies avoid using them. At first, pop-ups can be annoying but they could prove to be an effective tool for marketing and collecting contact information. Statistics show that on average, email pop-ups convert 11.09% of website visitors. They bring significant value when used to promote useful content to visitors and by offering top-quality content, discounts, events, or more, you can spread your message in just a matter of seconds.

But before using pop-ups as part of your direct marketing strategy, you should carefully examine the various types of pop-ups that are available to you to achieve your goals.

There are many innovative and intriguing pop up ideas to fit your business needs; you just need to do your research and make an educated decision as to which sort of pop-up is most appropriate for a given situation. Make sure to opt for a pop-up that not only boosts sales but also improves the user experience by providing relevant information and preventing cart abandonment.

Email Marketing

The main point of email marketing is to reach out directly to consumers by sending email messages to them, as well as to create trust and loyalty and achieve brand building.

The emails usually contain news, promotions, or information about your company, as they must convey some form of value to the customer. Email marketing has a big reach, it’s suitable for segmentation and it’s a cost-effective channel. Unlike other types of marketing, email marketing allows you to be very personal.

With segmentation and customer lists, you can sort out what types of people you send your emails to, and when you should send them for the best results. A big mistake that businesses sometimes make is that they send mass emails. Sure, it can help you sell, but by going the extra mile with segmentation, the results will be much better.

Your main goal should be to use email marketing to connect with your customers. Make sure to send emails they want to open; a message that will grab their attention and make them click through.

If you find that your email campaign isn’t delivering the expected results, take comfort in the fact that even the biggest and best companies fail sometimes. You just need to measure and optimize the campaign and try again.

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SMS Marketing

It’s no secret that SMS is a channel that creates high engagement. It’s an excellent form of direct marketing that allows you to send updates, promos, and information to your customers to raise brand awareness and boost engagement and sales.

But even if your customers read your message, it’s not guaranteed that the message will do the job. If you lack a well-thought-out strategy, your customers may rather perceive your SMS as a bit too intrusive.

The key to succeeding with SMS marketing is making your SMS relevant. As with all types of marketing, you need to collect data to formulate relevant messages. In addition to the obvious, which is customers’ phone numbers, you should collect a handful of data points that will allow you to segment your lists and thus sharpen your messages.

Also, as SMS can only contain 160 characters, make sure that your SMS is clear and concise. Your introduction, body text, and CTA should be on point so that the customer understands what the offers are about. Once an SMS is sent, it cannot be unsent, so we recommend that you always double-check that everything is correct.

Final Thoughts

Direct marketing can be very effective if you use it in the right way. One of the leading benefits is that it is not limited to a specific format. You can choose to contact new and existing customers by using SMS marketing, email marketing, or by simply displaying pop-up ads.

The media landscape is bound to change, meaning that direct marketing methods will continue to evolve, and brands will be given new opportunities to leverage this type of robust marketing strategy.

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