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Truck fatally hits two people getting out of their cars after crash, Georgia cops say

A crash left two people dead and more injured after a truck hit people getting out of their cars on a Georgia interstate, police said.

At about 5:15 am on Tuesday, April 18, 21-year-old Eduarda Cristina Romano DaSilva was driving her Honda Civic on I-75 outside Atlanta when she got a flat tire, according to a news release from the Marietta Police Department.

Police said she drove her Civic into the far left lane of the interstate and stopped.

After she pulled over, a Toyota Rav4 driven by a 59-year-old Victor Parra hit Romano DaSilva’s car, police said. His car then spun out of control and stopped on the interstate facing the wrong direction, according to the police department.

Parra and Romano DaSilva both got out of their cars, police said.

Then the two of them, as well as Parra’s Rav4, were rammed by a 72-year-old man from Indiana driving a Chevrolet Silverado, police said.

Parra and Romano DaSilva were both pronounced dead at the scene, police said. The 72-year-old truck driver and his passenger were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Two other vehicles drove through the wreckage and were damaged, according to police.

Police did not say whether any charges would be filed and said the crash remains under investigation.

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