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The State of Email Marketing in 2023: Jaw-Dropping New Statistics | Michael Morris

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Email continues to be the top-performing marketing channel — 78.29% of marketers voted for it in the Mailmodo’s State of Email 2023 report. This clearly shows that if you’re not using email marketing, you’re missing out on many opportunities — brand awareness, customer retention, engagement, and much more.

Among such discoveries, the comprehensive report also uncovered interesting statistics and trends that’ll shape the email industry in 2023. This article shares a snippet of some stellar insights which will help scale your email marketing campaigns.

State of Email 2023 is a report jam-packed with industry trends and learnings from the past year. The objective is to share updated data points to help marketers improve and innovate their email marketing strategies. Packed with actionable insights from 150+ email marketers, some stellar discoveries were made in this year’s report.

1. Email ranked among the top-performing marketing channels

Email is winning the race to be the top-performing marketing channel as it generates the highest ROI and is the most direct channel to communicate with the target audience. It comes as no surprise then that email is preferred by 78% of marketers overpaid and organic search.

2. Customer retention Brand awareness and customer retention

In our State of Email 2022, brand awareness was the main objective (62%) of email marketing. But, the position has shifted this year to customer retention as almost 80% of email marketers voted for it.

The upsells and cross-sell opportunities are endless with email, which is why marketers use it to retain their customers.

3. 14% of surveyors did not know about ‘Google Postmaster’

We were amazed that many email marketers (including email deliverability experts) were not aware of the Google Postmaster. It’s a must-know tool in every deliverability expert’s arsenal. By entering the authenticated domain you can analyze the IP and domain reputation, spam report, and other key metrics related to your Gmail users.

4. Single-column layout for the win

Out of all the layouts, single-column stands out, with a staggering 46.7% of marketers using it in their email design.

The reason for its wide adoption is:

● makes the email look less cluttered

● the information flows in a hierarchical order

● creates a pleasant reading experience

5. Shift from open rates to CTA

Apple MPP changes how email marketers measure their email performance. With open rates becoming unreliable, due to the pre-loading of tracking pixels in email, marketers shifted to another helpful metric – click-through rate. More than half of respondents said they use CTA as an alternative to open rate to measure their campaign’s success.

6. The award for the most used email campaign goes to newsletters.

Over 83% of email marketers send newsletters as one of their main email campaigns. It reflects that brands focus on fostering a good relationship with their audience by sharing information and valuable resources.

7. AMP emails generate a 2X increase in conversions

AMP email stood out as one of the best ways to increase conversions through emails. 31.4% of respondents saw a 2X increase in email conversions when they sent AMP emails. AMP emails have a huge conversion rate as they bring a landing page experience inside the email. As a result, the friction of going to a browser is eliminated, and users easily interact and take action within the email.

Bonus: Average email marketing benchmarks by industry

The State of Email Report 2023 also highlights the most important email metric industry-wise. It’ll ease your decision-making process and give you metrics to measure your campaign’s performance.

These numbers reflect the potential of email marketing, but the results will be visible if your strategy is closely aligned with your target audience. Use these data points and benchmarks to measure your campaign’s performance, find out where you’re lacking, and innovate your email campaigns in 2023.

Get the full version of the State of Email Report 2023.

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