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Open Marketing Founder Facundo Fernandez Unveils All-in-One Software Platform for Small Businesses


Published April 17, 2023

Facundo Fernandez, a 22-year-old entrepreneur and cybersecurity student at Ensign College, has unveiled his latest project – an all-in-one software platform for small businesses. The platform offers over 12 features, making it a comprehensive solution that simplifies small business operations, streamlines management, and increases efficiency.

As the founder of Open Marketing, a successful marketing agency, Fernandez saw a need for a software platform that could help small business owners consolidate their operations and make their daily tasks more manageable. With this in mind, he created an all-in-one platform that includes the following features:

1. CRM & Pipeline Management: This feature enables small business owners to manage their customer interactions and track their sales pipelines efficiently.

2. Social Integrations: With this feature, users can integrate their social media accounts with the platform to manage their social media presence and engage with their followers.

3. Campaigns: Users can create and launch campaigns for their business with this feature, helping to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

4. Text to Pay: This feature enables businesses to send payment requests to customers via text message, making it easier for them to pay their bills and invoices.

5. Email Marketing: This feature helps businesses create and launch email campaigns to engage their subscribers and customers.

6. SMS Marketing: With this feature, businesses can send promotional messages and special offers directly to their customers’ phones.

7. Call Tracking: This feature allows businesses to track their incoming calls and monitor the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

8. Booking & Appointments: This feature enables businesses to manage their bookings and appointments, reducing scheduling conflicts and improving customer experience.

9. Forms & Surveys: Users can create custom forms and surveys with this feature, allowing them to collect valuable feedback from customers.

10. Website & Funnels: This feature provides users with website and funnel building capabilities, allowing them to create professional-looking websites and landing pages without coding.

11. Reputation Management: This feature enables businesses to monitor and manage their online reputation, including customer reviews and ratings.

12. Website Chat Widget: This feature allows businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time and provide customer support.

The all-in-one software platform is also cloud-based, making it easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and I am committed to helping them succeed,” said Fernandez. “With our all-in-one software platform, we hope to simplify their operations, reduce their workload, and help them grow their business.”

The platform has received positive feedback from early adopters, who have praised its ease of use and comprehensive feature set. Fernandez invites interested parties to book a demo of the platform to see how it can benefit their business.

For more information on Facundo Fernandez and his all-in-one software platform for small businesses, visit the Open Marketing website or contact them directly

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