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Movable Ink Launches New Mobile Suite

Movable Ink, the personalized content platform provider for digital marketing leaders, today announced the launch of their new Mobile Suite. Movable Ink now offers their global clientele the ability to personalize Rich Push Notifications, In-App Messages, Mobile App Inbox, as well as SMS messages by automatically transforming data into unique composite images for each customer at the moment of impression.

Brands have typically had to rely on text-only messages, or sending costly MMS messages that can only display static, one-size-fits-all images chosen at send-time. Now, brands will be able to use Movable Ink to create more meaningful interactions by injecting one-to-one personalized creative into every SMS they send. With Movable Ink for SMS, marketers can maximize revenue, decrease costs, and create long-lasting loyalty with every customer.

“Today’s customers crave more direct and personal communication with their favorite brands on their favorite mobile channels. But given the options at their disposal, brands continue to struggle to realize SMS’ full potential,” said Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink. “With the new Mobile Suite from Movable Ink, marketers can finally personalize at scale and give customers the experience they deserve across all mobile touchpoints.”

Movable Ink’s SMS Beta Program proved the value of personalized mobile content. With participating retail and telecom brands across the US and United Kingdombeta clients saw, on average, a 7.5% increase in click-through rate, a 16.9% lift in conversions, and a 14.1% increase in average order value, while also seeing a significant reduction in opt-outs.

Movable Ink also announced its new Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK). Using Movable Ink’s Mobile SDK, brands are now able to:

  • Enhance 1:1 content personalization: Natively capture behavioral events on mobile apps including searches, items/categories viewed, added to cart, abandoned, and/or purchased – then use this data to create sophisticated targeting logic and 1:1 behavior-based content for use across email and/or mobile channels.
  • Seamlessly connect the customer journey: Full support is now provided for dynamic deep linking via native, universal, and/or partner links enabling clients to seamlessly deep link from content in any email or mobile message to specified locations within their mobile app.
  • Gain actionable insights: Unlock new levels of reporting, including conversion attribution, which allows marketers to analyze which campaigns lead to which conversions for which customers on the mobile app – along with the associated revenue.

“Since introducing Movable Ink for Mobile with an initial focus on apps in 2020, we’ve routinely seen clients increase the revenue generated from their mobile campaigns, with a *35% increase in year one alone,” said Bryan Wade, Chief Product Officer of Movable Ink. “Our suite of new enhancements to Movable Ink for Mobile makes it even easier for brands to increase engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and decrease their time-to-market.”

This announcement also strengthens Movable Ink’s partnerships, which include leading mobile platforms such as Attentive, Klaviyo, Sinch, Branch, Braze, as well as Iterable, Airship, and Upland Localytics.

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