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Matik Launches Matik Mail to Help Teams Bring Personalized

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Matik’s New Feature Automates the Sending of Custom Presentations & One-Pagers as Personalized Email Attachments

Matik, an automation platform for data-driven content, today announced the launch of Matik Mail. With Matik Mail, sales and customer success teams can bring personalized, data-driven presentations and one-pagers to all their accounts, in minutes.

Traditionally, this type of content was reserved only for top-tier, high-value accounts, as it required a lot of time and resources to pull data, create data visualizations, and then package it nicely in a Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. And if teams were able to solve the problem of creating it, the challenge of distributing it, at scale, remained.

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Matik, along with the new Matik Mail feature, automates the creation & sending of personalized, data-driven content. After setting up a template in Matik, all teams will have to do to create & send a personalized version for an account is provided Matik with a few inputs (ex. which account the deck is for, the date range). Matik will then query the data to create a Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint deck with personalized text, images, charts and tables. Matik will attach a PDF version of the presentation or one-pager to an email, and send it directly to contacts. Other feature highlights include:

  • Connect to most data warehouses and apps, and through REST APIs, without ingesting data
  • Create presentation templates using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint (Matik is not a presentation editor)
  • Use simple field lookups or complex SQL queries to define metrics that can then be added to your presentation as text, tables, charts or images
  • Use if-then logic to automate whether a slide is kept or removed
  • Add text, metrics and images personalized to the recipient in the email sent with the attachment
  • Pull the send list from a static list of recipients with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, or a dynamic one that queries data warehouses and apps

“It’s becoming increasingly challenging for companies to make sure their products survive cuts to customer tech stacks, especially as they run leaner teams,” said Nikola Mijic, Matik Co-Founder and CEO. “Those who survive are the ones who are able to quantify the product’s ROI and show that it’s a need to have, but it takes time and resources to create this kind of content manually – it’s practically impossible to create & deliver that content to all customers . Matik Mail helps companies do more with less by taking on the creation & sending of this personalized, data-driven content, so that the team can focus on the strategic and human aspects of retaining customers.”

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