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89% of marketers see the ability to measure and analyze marketing impact as a top priority. That’s why SALESmanago, the Customer Engagement Platform, has launched a new suite of capabilities, including its mobile-first Email Designer, eCommerce Dashboard and Workflow Generator.

Created by eCommerce specialists working with Starbucks, Lacoste, KFC, New Balance, and Victoria’s Secret, these SALESmanago capabilities empower users to access expert know-how and achieve marketing goals while simultaneously proving ROI.

The products include:

Mobile-first Email Designer:

42.3% of people will delete an email if it’s not optimized for mobile. To combat this, SALESmanago has created its Mobile-first Email Designer, which is the only Email Designer with conversion tools and Zero-Party Data capabilities. With Open AI integration, Its capabilities go beyond supporting the creation of engaging emails, and enhances them with dynamic 1:1 personalization of products based on Zero and First-Party Data. Users can also increase Customer Lifetime Value and ROI from the Email Marketing channel, and build true and long-lasting relationships with customers.

eCommerce Dashboard:

The eCommerce Dashboard is a tool for marketers to identify key areas of opportunity and maximize marketing impact. The dashboard puts all vital data in one place, from sales, to revenue attribution, to digital marketing performance. Contrary to Google Analytics, the dashboard measures not only website visits, but also email open and click through rates, offline transactions and more. Available live 24/7, the dashboard features visual charts and graphs that offer a quick overview of various aspects of business performance. The user then has a comprehensive view of the store and its operations, enabling better decisions throughout omnichannel campaigns and maximizing the impact of marketing strategies. This ultimately leads to greater ROI, and gives marketers the tools to induce business growth.

Workflow Generator:

SALESmanago’s Workflow Library provides users with precision execution in every communication channel to help solve eCommerce challenges. Now, with Workflow Generator, users can navigate using filters, pick a goal, specify the channel and tactics they wish to focus on, and the generator provides the perfect template for their campaign and content.

Greg Blazewicz, CEO and Founder at SALESmanago commented: “Proving ROI and engaging with customers is the core focus for marketers in the coming year. However, many don’t have the toolkit required to do so. With our new product suite, SALESmanago empowers marketers from all industries to elevate their marketing and thrive in a difficult macroeconomic landscape. No longer can businesses take a spray and pray approach. It’s time for marketers to realize that going leaner, with zero-party datasets, is the most ethical approach and the best way to build true Customer Intimacy.”

This was posted in Bdaily’s Members’ News section by Lucy Jefferson.

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