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INOX Men’s Jewelry Launches New Consumer Branding Campaign

(PRESS RELEASE) NORWALK, CT — INOX Men’s Jewelry announces the launch of its new consumer branding campaign, “BRO.” The campaign features a collection of fun and engaging videos that showcase different types of men expressing their excitement over INOX jewelry with one word: “BRO.”

From the cool and collected businessman to the rugged outdoorsman, the campaign highlights men from all walks of life who are “BRO-ing out” over the latest INOX collections. The campaign also includes print ads, an aggressive social media push, an updated tradeshow booth, email marketing, and branding items such as shirts, hats, stickers, and more.

“We wanted to create a campaign that showcases our jewelry and connects with our target audience in a fun and relatable way,” said Mark Hollis, CEO of Salesone LLC, the parent company of the INOX Men’s Jewelry brand. “We believe that the ‘BRO” concept will resonate with men of all ages and backgrounds, and we can’t wait to see the response.”

The campaign is set to roll out in the coming weeks and will be supported by a comprehensive marketing strategy. The company is expecting a positive response to the campaign and aims to increase brand awareness and sales.

To implement the campaign, Salesone teamed up with Guy Pineda of Jewelry Store Marketers to develop the marketing campaign from concept to launch.

For more information on INOX Men’s Jewelry and the “BRO” campaign, visit here or follow us on social media.

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