Email marketing

How to grow your email list with Kendra Corman

How do you grow your email list?

And better yet, WHY is it important for you and your firm?

In this episode with Kendra Corman, we discuss the ways in which you can leverage your email marketing to strengthen your relationship with your audience, create two-way communication, and position yourself as the subject matter expert in your industry.

We also touch on why email marketing is important, especially if your business is primarily referral-based.

Kendra has more than 15 years of experience in marketing. She has managed one of the world’s most iconic brands and spends her time now helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits create marketing plans that provide results. Her passion is email marketing as that is one of the best ways to get results.

Kendra gives listeners actionable tips on:

  • [1:55] Why email marketing is important
  • [2:50] The powerful of email marketing
  • [4:00] How email marketing keeps you top of mind
  • [4:50] What lawyers get wrong about email marketing
  • [8:40] Optimizing your email template design
  • [12:25] Text-based vs. image heavy emails
  • [15:35] How to get your list to convert
  • [18:45] Tips for selling through email without being salesy
  • [22:10] Do you need email marketing when your business is referral based?
  • [26:20] How her experience working for Fortune 500 companies translates to small business
  • [33:10] Kendra’s book review
  • [37:40] One big idea that works when it comes to email marketing

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