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How influencer engagement plays a major role in brand trust building?

By Trupti Morone, Head-Branding, Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

The influencer phenomenon, which has become an effective marketing strategy in the fashion and cosmetics industries, is creating ripples in the jewelry industry as well. Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing marketing channel for businesses, complementing organic search, paid search, email marketing, and social media video advertisements. A growing number of businesses all over the world are opting for influencer marketing to develop their brand, create business leads, and acquire consumer trust.

Many jewelry manufacturers are utilizing the potential of influencer marketing to digitally advertise their jewels, generating & improving sales, and achieving business goals/outcomes. The power of influencer marketing can help one’s brand stand out and expand their business.

Why opt for influencer engagement?

  1. To Increase Customer Engagement and Reach

Marketing communications are heavily saturated, more customers intentionally opt to ignore the media and choose to hear thoughts and suggestions from people they trust. Influencers make it easier for marketers to contact their target demographic and communicate their message through their insightful & influential posts. Partnering with influencers gives brands access to a larger audience, who share common interests with the influencer and connect to their theories/beliefs. When various campaigns/products/promotional activities of a brand are communicated through a reliable & trusted influencer, the audience tends to give weightage to such announcements/promotions.

  1. Obtain a Better Understanding of Customer Needs and Desires Establishing Brand Relevance

Since businesses gain a larger audience through influencer engagement, they possess an undeniable opportunity to learn what users think and feel. Influencers are known to develop tight relationships with their followers, which allows them to determine the audience interests, effectively aligning it to a brand’s purpose and making it more relevant to the TG. The more the audience interacts with businesses’ social posts, the more one gets to learn about their interests and preferences. This will result in a plethora of information/data available to businesses, including the capacity to identify what they want and need.

Benefits of influencer engagement

Build Trust

Trust is a critical and crucial component that any business needs. Influencers play an important role in developing trust for brands by not only promoting the products but highlighting their uniqueness to the audience, which generates trust and encourages the audience in effective decision-making.

Individualized Approach and Genuinity of Purpose

The human connection and approachability that comes with influencer marketing are one of the most important reasons why marketers choose it to generate product awareness. Influencers have a closer relationship with their target audience, which leaves an impact on the followers’ purchasing decisions.


It is highly evident that by leveraging influencer engagement, brands can build a more personalized, transparent and trustworthy relationship with their customers, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and sales. Demand for right influencers are key to establishing the brand and setting the correct communication for its offerings to the right audience at the right point of time.

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