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Harness the Power of Email Marketing: 14 Best Online Courses of 2023

In 2020, people exchanged 306 billion emails every day worldwide. The figure will reach 376 billion by 2025, making Email one of the prevalent forms of communication. In times of easily accessible social media platforms like Whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, creating connections through Email is still prevalent.

Brands, influencers, entrepreneurs, and digital businesses target relevant audiences and form a deeper bond through this type of marketing. In addition, individuals with this skill can help influencers and entities on their growth journey.

Here are 12+ helpful free email marketing courses with some paid courses.

1. E-mail Marketing for Beginners – Common Terms

E-mail marketing for beginners - common terms

Free email marketing courses are the best way to take an initial step in digital marketing. This course gives basic knowledge of direct marketing through mail. Words play a huge role when it comes to Email Marketing. This course guides a learner on how to curate captivating subject lines and headlines.

Providing Platform – Udemy

Duration – 51 minutes

Facilitator – Robert Clever

Skill Level – Beginner

Topics covered –

  • Learn to create emails
  • Curating mailing list
  • Creating Option pages
  • Catchy subject lines
  • Follow-up mails

2. Think Outside the Inbox: Email Marketing

Think outside the inbox email marketing

Google offers many free email marketing courses through Coursera. The experienced employees of the company facilitate this course. Individuals currently working in this department will instruct and share their expert guidance. They use multiple hands-on activities and relatable examples to impart knowledge. Opting for this course is the fastest way to accelerate a career in digital marketing.

Providing Platform – Coursera

Duration – 26 hours

Facilitator – Google Career Certificates

Skill Level – Beginner

Topics covered –

  • Importance of email marketing in a digital marketing framework
  • Writing copy, subject lines, and preview text
  • Creating marketing automation and flow
  • Conducting contact management and list segmentation
  • Analyzing the campaigns

3. Advanced Email Marketing – One of The Best Free Email Marketing Courses!

Advanced email marketing - one of the best free email marketing courses

This course is best for newbies looking to explore different aspects of Email Marketing. It guides the learner from the most basic to advanced concepts. It is one of the best free email marketing courses for individuals looking to upskill themselves through online courses.

Providing Platform – Skillup

Duration – 5 hours

Facilitator – Matt Bailey

Skill Level – Beginner to Intermediate

Topics covered –

  • Basics of Email marketing
  • Brand building through
  • Creating successful campaigns
  • The art of sending mass mails
  • Rules and regulations to be followed while curating the mail
  • Building and sustaining the mailing list

4. Build an Email List: Email Marketing Strategies to Build and Grow your Audience

Build an email list

This paid course on Skillshare breaks all the myths about email marketing and gives clarity about effective strategies. It is the best course for an entrepreneur, influencers, or content creators to connect with their audience. One can easily build a strong bond and connect with their audience through Email Marketing. The right flow of emails can also lead to enhanced audience involvement.

Providing Platform – Skillshare

Duration – 1 hour 16 minutes

Facilitator – Lauren Lbik

Skill Level – Intermediate

Topics covered –

  • Importance of Email in communication
  • Breaking pre-conceived notions
  • Building relationships
  • Identifying the target audience and creating purposeful conversations
  • Opt-Ins
  • Creating Lead Magnets
  • Landing Pages
  • Scroll Mats
  • A/B Perspective
  • Email Deliverability, Sending Broadcasts, Automated Sequences
  • Rules, Tags & Automation
  • Tracking Progress

5. Use Mailchimp to Build an E-mail Marketing Campaign

Use mailchimp to build an e-mail marketing campaign

Mailchimp is an email marketing service that assists you in brand building through. After understanding the basics, such free email marketing courses enhance the quality of campaigns and automate the flow. Understanding powerful marketing and designing tools in MailChimp makes the campaign creation process much more creative and easier.

Providing Platform – Coursera

Duration – 2 hours

Facilitator – Stacey Shanklin – Langford

Skill Level – Beginner

Topics covered –

  • Introduction to Mailchimp
  • Features and tour of Mailchimp
  • Setting an audience and creating a campaign
  • Designing and editing the campaign
  • Finishing & Sending a Campaign

6. 10 Email Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures

10 email marketing strategies that make me 6-figures

With the skill of email marketing, you can develop a personal brand or become a professional in that field. Whatever the choice, this paid course is a hidden gem for those willing to learn. It focuses on core aspects and exhibits the process of building a personalized marketing model.

Providing Platform – Udemy

Duration – 1 hour 48 minutes

Facilitator – Nik Swami

Skill Level – Intermediate

Topics covered –

  • Unleashing a personalized marketing model for mailing
  • Five principles for sending successful mail
  • How to rapidly grow your mailing list?
  • Types of Mails –
  1. Welcome
  2. Promotional
  3. Les
  4. Retargeting
  5. Loyalty
  6. Feedback
  7. On-demand

7. Email and Newsletter Marketing Foundations

Email and newsletter marketing foundations

Newsletters are a great way to communicate the company’s core values, growth, promotional schemes, and any message to the audience. Curating a thoughtful and catchy newsletter is an art that is easy to learn. This course focuses on marketing and helps the learner build newsletter writing skills.

Providing Platform – LinkedIn

Duration – 45 minutes

Facilitator – Megan Adams

Skill Level – Beginner

Topics covered –

  • Key elements of Email marketing
  • Segmenting mailing lists
  • Choosing a theme
  • Crafting an effective strategy
  • Using metrics for evaluation

8. Email Marketing Course: Get certified in Email Marketing

Get certified in email marketing

This course provided by HubSpot comes with the benefit of a platform. They offer a free marketing tool for emails to help you grow your business on HubSpot. Learn the skill, build contacts, and flourish on the same platform.

Email marketing course

Providing Platform – Hubspot

Duration – 4 hours 5 minutes

Facilitator – Courtney Sembler

Skill Level – Beginner to Intermediate

Topics covered –

  • Email marketing
  • Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy
  • Automating the flow
  • Creating high-performance copy in the mail
  • Developing Relationships with Lead Nurturing

9. Run Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns

Run powerful email marketing campaigns

Delivering relevant messages is extremely important in Email marketing campaigns. Differentiating the audience and delivering appropriate messages is crucial for success in marketing. This is one of those free email marketing courses that will provide an impactful framework to get the best results from the campaigns.

Providing Platform – Clickminded

Duration – 6 modules

Facilitator – Lucas Chevillard

Skill Level – Beginner to Advanced

Topics covered –

  • Fitting email marketing in your business
  • Understanding the Framework
  • Subscriber segmentation strategy
  • Creating world-class campaigns like Airbnb
  • Automated flows
  • Some tools to make it easier

10. Email Marketing Course – Beginner to Advanced

Email marketing course - beginner to advanced

Level up your marketing game with this beginner to advanced course by Sendinblue. With videos, ebooks, and questions, they accurately convey every detail. This course trains an individual to independently curate an email marketing strategy and build a lasting bond with the audience.

Providing Platform – Sendinblue Academy

Duration – 3-4 hours

Facilitator – Jeff Cox

Skill Level – Beginner to Advanced

Topics covered –

  • Email Deliverability
  • A/B testing
  • GDPR
  • Creating an effective strategy
  • Deepening bond with the audience

11. Become a Certified Email Marketing Master

Become a certified email marketing master

Gaining mastery in email marketing is easier with this paid certified course. Digital Marketer takes an individual from the basics to the most advanced aspects of creating a successful email marketing strategy. It guides the learner on how to use specific tools to achieve continuous growth.

Providing Platform – DigitalMarketer

Duration – 6 Hours

Facilitators – Richard Lindner, Alex Cattoni, Dave Albano & Hamoon Green

Skill Level – Intermediate

Topics covered –

  • Email and the Customer Value Journey
  • The Psychology & Science of Email
  • How to Build a Mailing List
  • Developing an Email Calendar & Funnel
  • Foundational Campaigns
  • Monetizing the Email List
  • Copywriting and Designing
  • Measuring, Iterating, and Improving

12. Become an Email Marketing Expert in 90 Minutes

Become an email marketing expert in 90 minutes

Learning a skill doesn’t need much time; mastering it does. This platform provides a brief course to enhance the learning experience in less time. Regularly practicing them will further help in mastering the skill. Opt for this quick but effective email marketing course and hone your digital marketing skills.

Providing Platform – Mailmodo Academy

Duration – 90 minutes

Facilitator – Aquibur Rehman & Suryanarayan Pal

Skill Level – Beginner to advanced

Topics covered –

  • Email marketing concepts
  • AMP Emails and their usage
  • Access to Email Marketing Community
  • Live Sessions by Experts

13. The Complete Mail Chimp Email Marketing Course

The complete mail chimp email marketing course

MailChimp is one of the best partners in planning and executing powerful campaigns. Its powerful functions allow every individual to implement email marketing strategies easily. This paid course guides an individual through the tools and features of MailChimp. Not only that, but it also exhibits the process of curating impactful emails.

Providing Platform – Udemy

Duration – 3.5 hours

Facilitator – COURSENVY

Skill Level – Beginner to Advanced

Topics covered –

  • Creating A/B split test campaigns with MailChimp
  • Navigating through tools and features of the MailChimp platform
  • Creating opt-in and sign-up forms
  • Building squeeze pages to capture emails at a high rate
  • Understanding key metrics
  • Building hyper-segmented lists
  • Growing the mailing list

14. #1 Email Marketing Course with Certification

Email marketing course with certification

This paid certified course in Email Marketing includes video lectures and practice tests. Along with teaching the skills, they also provide an opportunity to practice them. With this course, you can utilize the power of direct marketing to run impactful campaigns.

Providing Platform – IIDE

Duration – 2 hours

Facilitator – Daksh Juneja

Skill Level – Beginner to Intermediate

Topics covered –

  • Email Marketing and introduction
  • The process of Email Marketing
  • How to create successful Emails?
  • Email Marketing Tools and their uses
  • MailChimp & Campaign Planning

Begin with Free Email Marketing Courses Online

In the initial journey of learning, explore free email marketing courses online. Once a connection is formed with the subject, and you choose to dive deeper into the topic, start exploring the paid versions. As soon as you master the skill, you will be ready to work with individuals and brands in need of email marketing experts. So grab the opportunity to learn this job-ready skill and pave a path to success.

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