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Chatbot tech boasts untapped opportunity for retail

Over half of online shoppers using chatbots are more likely to shop from brands using conversational AI, and 67% of ChatGPT users feel understood often or always while just 25% of shoppers feel understood by current chatbot technology.

Those are top findings from the Capterra 2023 Retail Chatbots survey that polled more than 1,000 US shoppers regarding chatbot integration.

Currently more than half have negative experiences with today’s retail chatbot and that provides an untapped opportunity for retailers and integration of ChatGPT, according to a press release on the study.

“As AI-driven customer service becomes the status quo, growing businesses will follow suit, turning to chatbot vendors for affordable options. AI-enhanced shopping experiences will greatly benefit businesses by tracking behavior and guiding decisions throughout the buying journey with greater personalization,” stated the release.

The survey revealed 17% of retail chatbot users have used a bot to search for products, and just 7% have used it to receive product recommendations.

While retailers are enthusiastic about what ChatGPT could do for their businesses — many have used it for email marketing and content — but without an available integration, they can’t yet leverage the AI ​​for day-to-day customer service chatbot needs, according to the study.

“Most retail chatbots are rule-based bots and are best used for basic functions, like order shipping status or inventory checks,” Molly Burke, senior retail analyst at Capterra, said in the release. “With natural language processing, better handling of nuance and a greater ability to personalize responses, conversational AI has the potential to improve chatbot experiences by simulating the personalization and creativity provided by human agents.”

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