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Blow up Your Brand’s Bankroll by Exploiting The “Four U’s” of Email Marketing | by KB the Author | April, 2023

That inbox do be bussin’ Image credit: KB the Author

Ever gotten a brand email that was just… Meh?

The subject line was wack, but you accidentally clicked it. You’re in now, and thoroughly unimpressed to say the least. You aren’t going to be buying from this company, and they’ll likely end up in the spam box.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this isn’t an optimal response to a marketing email. To avoid the dreaded “Meh Syndrome” when it comes to your brand’s emails, the 4 U’s are a good start.

It’s Gotta be Unique!

This comes first because it applies to the subject line and preview text.

When it comes to subject lines, “Quick Question” doesn’t cut it anymore because everyone’s done it.

And yes, you actually need to spend some time formatting and testing the preview text. That’s the little snippet the reader sees in their inbox before clicking on it.

If your combination of subject line and preview text is generic bullshit, your reader isn’t going to click. It’s gotta be unique!

It Better be Useful!

You want your brand to have a reputation for sending only the highest quality, most actionable emails. Plus, nobody’s gonna read through an email and/or click a link if it’s not useful to them. Before you send an email, campaign, or flow, ask yourself “Is this email worth my reader’s time?”

If the answer isn’t a resounding YES, rethink that send.

It needs to be ultra-specific

Let’s say we run a lead generation site aimed at dog owners. On the email form, we promise to give them a PDF with a list of common dog illnesses.

When they open their email, they get a PDF that lists common diseases for every single dog, big and small. Every time they’re scared that their dog is sick, they have to wade through all of these entries to get to their breed.

That’s sort of unique, technically useful, but not ultra-specific.

What if we asked them for their dog’s breed every time?

How about asking for their dog’s name, too?

When we deliver the PDF, it’ll say “Scruffy’s Symptom Sheet” right across the top and be specifically tailored to their breed with only the information they need. We’ll advise them to print it out and hang it on the fridge for quick access because we all love their pupperino.

Now that’s unique, useful, and ultra-specific!

Make it Urgent

In email marketing, urgency is king. Check it out, and see if you can spot where I threw in some of the others U’s we talked about earlier!

  • Join.
  • Sign up and get a discount.
  • Hit “join” this week and get a discount.
  • Join today and get a discount.
  • Sign up in the next hour, and get a special 24-hour-only discount!

Look at them, let’s go!

The key to truly effective (and not annoying) email marketing is to seamlessly integrate all Four U’s into your campaign. It may seem daunting, but with practice, it becomes second nature. Let’s look at an example:

Subject Line: “Hey [Name]Only 3 Hours Left to Save on Scruffy’s Essentials!”
Preview Text: “Unlock your exclusive 30% off discount code before it’s too late!”

In this example, we’ve got a unique subject line and preview text that captures the reader’s attention.

  • It’s useful to the dog owner because they can save on essentials for their pet.
  • The subject line is ultra-specific by mentioning the dog’s name and what they can save on.
  • And, of course, there’s a strong sense of urgency with the time limit.

By consistently implementing the Four U’s in your email marketing campaigns, you’ll not only see an increase in open rates and engagement, but also in conversions and overall brand loyalty. Give your audience a reason to be excited about your emails and keep coming back for more.

It’s time to leave “Meh Syndrome” in the dust and blow up your brand’s bankroll with the power of the Four U’s!

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