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Best Enterprise Email Marketing Platforms

If done correctly, email marketing can become one of the best ways for businesses to connect with interested clients. Nowadays, there are many different types of email marketing software accessible. Our team assessed some of the most well-liked tools to assist you in choosing the proper one. So, which email marketing service for small business is the best?

Benefits of email marketing

To stay in touch with your consumers, you can utilize the incredibly flexible communication tool of email. Although you could believe this is the only benefit email provides, many other advantages exist. Let’s have a look at them:

  • has the highest return on investment, with $42 generated for each $1 invested;
  • boosts your relationship marketing initiatives;
  • increases brand recognition;
  • uses segmentation to deliver customized content;
  • increases sales and traffic to websites.

Desirable characteristics of email marketing platforms

Businesses want a tool that seamlessly integrates their marketing and sales departments. Moreover, it should manage huge volumes of clients and leads while growing the number of leads as your company grows:

  • Integration. Your email marketing solution’s integrations are one of its most crucial aspects. Without data loss and human intervention, data should go from one piece of software to another.
  • Customer management. The solution should scale as your business expands and manage high lead and client volumes.
  • Analytics. Each business tool should have a solid analytics suite since it enables managers to assess the success of their teams and plan marketing initiatives.
  • Personalization. To engage clients, marketing communications have to be personalized. Revenue-driving personalized messaging boosts brand loyalty, enhances consumer experiences, and maintains platform consistency.
  • User profiles. To provide targeted messages and get the most for your money, segmentation, and profiling are necessary. User profile creation also considers user activity information, including clicks, geolocation, and email openings.
  • A/B testing. A/B testing is a crucial component of every email marketing. Email testing is essential at the corporate level to boost conversions.
  • Lead management. Your corporate solution has to handle a lot of leads and consumers. The instrument should not be a constraint.
  • Support. Your software should have rapid turnaround times when your team requires help.
  • Automation. A key part is sending automatic emails when prompted. Companies can use this tool to nurture leads and turn them into paying clients.
  • Account manager. The corporate provider should offer a dedicated account manager who is well-versed in the platform, your accounts, programs, and businesses.
  • Templates. Using pre-made templates makes it easier to create personalized content. To expedite the execution of marketing plan initiatives, the system should permit modifying pre-existing templates.

Best enterprise email marketing platforms

We’ve compiled a listing of the top business email service providers so you can start looking for the right application:


HubSpot is a well-known name in the competition for the top business email marketing systems. This powerful automated solution consolidates your marketing activities, improving your processes and overall return on investment (ROI).

Large enterprises that want scalable inbound marketing features can benefit greatly from HubSpot’s marketing hub enterprise version. It provides advanced statistics and income reporting on forms, landing sites, email marketing, SEO, etc. Also, HubSpot has a CRM module that offers all the capabilities customers require to develop stronger interactions with their clients.


Although ActiveCampaign is a lesser-known platform, it can help businesses with email marketing. Collecting contact information is one of ActiveCampaign’s most distinctive and effective features.

Based only on their email address, the software can discover and record a person’s age, gender, location, social media accounts, preferences, and more. Due to its accessibility, you only need the name and email address instead of creating a lengthy membership form.


Hardly ever will you see a list of the top business email marketing solutions without at least one Salesforce offering. This list is no exception.

Salesforce’s Pardot includes lead management, ROI reporting, data analytics, and marketing automation capabilities. It is mostly promoted to B2B businesses, while many B2C businesses also use it effectively.

You can manage your email campaigns with Pardot from start to finish, create unique email templates with a responsive, user-friendly design. Even if you have no prior design knowledge, you can quickly learn and utilize this email builder since it employs a visual editor.

Final words

After determining what you need, you may contrast the best providers based on their characteristics or split them down based on pricing. Regardless of the service you select, be sure to keep your attention narrowly focused on choosing the finest enterprise email marketing platform for your company.

This article was provided by Rose Shelley

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