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Attentive Launches Attentive AI

Attentive, a conversational commerce platform provider, has launched Attentive AI trained on more than 1.4 trillion data points from more than 40 billion messages across more than 70 verticals.

Attentive’s approach takes into account company preferences around tone, message structure, offers, and more to recommend the optimal copy, images, segments, and send times.

Attentive AI powers two primary automation tools: Magic Message, which leverages generative AI to generate copy and images for SMS and email marketing, and Automated Campaigns, which automatically creates full, multichannel campaigns using anonymized insights from the highest-performing marketing moments across Attentive’s customer base.

Automated Campaigns handles the audience and date selection based on past performance, content generation based on messaging themes like holidays or product recommendations, and alerts and reminders to approve recommended campaigns.

“We’ve heard from so many marketers that a lack of bandwidth and inability to parse through massive datasets are the two biggest challenges when it comes to creating personalized SMS and email messages,” said Brian Long, CEO and co-founder of Attentive, in a statement. “With Attentive AI, we’re able to remove the hurdles marketers face, enabling them to send high-performing messages in a fraction of the time.”

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