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Adjust Unveils “Pulse” For Marketers to Optimize Mobile Campaigns

With businesses under increased pressure to maximize marketing efficiencies, mobile marketing analytics suite Adjust today unveiled Pulse, a monitoring and alerting solution that empowers marketers with essential insights to know when to optimize their mobile campaign performance. Pulse enables marketers to easily create highly customizable alerts and reduce the noise of unhelpful updates so they can immediately focus on what matters.

“The sheer amount of data available and the constant stream of updates mobile marketers have to wade through can be overwhelming when running multiple campaigns simultaneously. It’s easy to miss essential updates amidst all the noise,” said Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer and Adjust. “Pulse is a direct result of our ongoing dialogue with our customers who want freedom and flexibility to focus on what matters. Pulse is an intuitive, automated solution that gives them the power to do more with less.”

With Pulse, marketers can:

  • Track the metrics that matter to them — everything from installs to retention to ad spend — to help optimize budgets and campaign performance more effectively.
  • Customize how and when they and their teams are notified through Slack or email.
  • Optimize alerts from the get-go with tools like built-in previews using historical data.
  • Create alerts for multiple apps for faster setup and more holistic reporting.

“Pulse is exactly the kind of solution the industry needs,” he said Nicolas Rodríguez, Analytics Manager and Voodoo. “Being alerted quickly and efficiently in the right areas is essential to manage your budget and campaign optimization efforts.”

Pulse is the latest of Adjust’s intuitive, client-centric products that help marketers work better, faster and more independently. In 2022, Adjust launched Datascape, an advanced analytics solution that provides app marketers with time-saving data reporting, visualization and analysis tools across all data sources, all in one place. Throughout 2023, Adjust will continue to introduce innovative solutions to help marketers measure, optimize, and scale their app growth.

To learn more about Pulse or to request a demo, please visit the Adjust Pulse page.

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