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A New Data-Driven Approach to Save

  • Trained on the industry’s largest SMS marketing dataset, new AI engine empowers marketers to generate content quickly, automate campaign delivery, and maximize ROI

  • Brands in beta have seen a 24% increase in revenue per subscriber

Attentivethe conversational commerce platform, today announced it has launched Attentive AI™, a learning engine trained on the industry’s largest SMS marketing dataset—over 1.4 trillion data points from 40+ billion messages across more than 70 verticals.

Marketers are still doing much of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating, testing, and scheduling personalized creative campaigns to support every step of the customer lifecycle. Due to increased time spent on reporting tasks, a study surveying marketers found only 18% of their time is spent thinking creatively and coming up with new ideas.

Attentive’s data-driven approach takes into account a brand’s preference around tone, message structure, offers and more to recommend the optimal copy, images, segments and send times, saving time for the marketer to spend on higher value activities and maximizing campaign ROI.

Today, Attentive AI powers two primary automation tools: Magic Message, which leverages generative AI for content creation, and Automated Campaigns, which automatically creates full, multi-channel campaigns using anonymized insights from the highest-performing marketing moments across Attentive’s customer base.

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Magic Message encompasses three features, including:

Image Generation for SMS: In seconds, modify images from your product catalog to fit your latest SMS campaign, including matching color palette, tone, and orientation.

Image Generation for Email: Transform your concepts into visually appealing email imagery.

Copy Assistance for SMS: Tap into Attentive’s historical performance data to generate high-performing, tailored copy for any audience or goal.

Automated Campaigns makes it incredibly easy to orchestrate email and SMS campaigns with:

Instant audience and date selection based on past performance

One-click content generation based on different messaging themes (holidays, product recommendations, etc.)

Alerts and reminders to quickly approve recommended campaigns

“We’ve heard from so many marketers that a lack of bandwidth and inability to parse through massive datasets are the two biggest challenges when it comes to creating personalized SMS and email messages,” said Brian Long, CEO and co-founder of Attentive. “With Attentive AI, we’re able to remove the hurdles marketers face, enabling them to send high-performing messages in a fraction of the time.”

A major retail brand saw an 184% increase in attributable revenue using Automated Campaigns when compared to manual. Magic Message and Automated Campaigns represent just the beginning of Attentive’s investment in next generation AI tools for marketers. Given the constant ingestion of new data signals, performance will also only continue to improve over time.

“Attentive AI saves us time and energy trying to constantly come up with new content and themes. It gives us new ideas we haven’t thought of and organizes all our messages in advance so we don’t have to worry about last minute changes,” said Briana Wade, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager, Amorepacific Group.

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