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5 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Gift Store on Christmas

Did you know that Christmas sales can even cater to the sales made for the better half of the year? There is a lot of money to be earned during this season, especially in gift stores. This is a time when almost everyone is looking forward to gifting their friends and family members.

So why don’t you utilize this chance and let the incoming year be a smooth ride for you? Email marketing is the real deal that will help you accomplish this goal. Here are ways to utilize the power of email marketing.

Ignite urgency

When structuring your emails, there is a need to create some sort of urgency. Maybe you can let the buyers know why they need to buy the product as soon as possible, or how buying from you will create some convenience.

The key thing is to elicit the level of desire to buy so that the buyer can make prompt decisions and purchase from you. Focus on going the extra mile of showing how easy the process will be without any complications.

Christmas is a busy time for many because they have to plan their events on time. Having a well thought plan for interacting with buyers can make a big difference in how they react to your emails.

Let it be short but sweet

When drafting your emails, ensure they are short and precise. Many people do not want a long paragraph that will not answer their questions. The key thing in this idea is to ensure that your targeted buyer opens the email and reads it to the end.

You can try adding some humorous points that will make the message entertaining and sweet. You can even include allusions and alliterations to emphasize a point and make it memorable to your customers. This way, you will have opened a safe and free point of interaction with your customer.

In such cases, customers will feel free to ask any questions that they have about your products and even make an order immediately.

Other than using a subject line that stands out, you can use Christmas email templates to help you maintain creativity.

Use a simple design

Using a simple design that relates well with buyers is the key thing to opening a platform for interacting with them. A great design promises them that the process of ordering is simple, and they will also understand the subject of the email with ease.

Many buyers who receive these emails are not looking for a complicated process. They, therefore, hope that they should not be subjected to an extremely complex design of the emails or the linked website.

If you are not so conversant with drafting emails for marketing, you might consider using an email maker to guide you. There are a lot of online makers available, such as PosterMyWall.

Create offers especially digital ones

If there is a season that people look forward to receiving offers, it is the Christmas season. They believe that it is a season of sharing, and so they expect to receive offers when they buy from you.

The most applicable form of offers is using digital ones because it allows you to reach all your customers. You can choose to give a discount on every purchase that reaches a particular level. You can also create different levels and different discounts on the same.

Other forms of offers can also be applied. For instance, customizable Christmas cards will be an ideal offer to the highest-level buyers. You can choose to customize the card according to the customer’s liking for free. You can also offer free shipping to local buyers to encourage them to buy in large quantities.

Enticing first buyers will also be a great strategy to make them repeat customers. How about offering them a small Christmas card on top of their order? That will keep them coming back to you.

Have a follow-up strategy

You can craft your emails in such a way that they can be sent on a particular date or have a certain response to all the intended buyers. Prospective buyers will want to be given the needed attention to feel like they are valued.

Because buyers matter to you, structure a follow-up plan with your phone to engage buyers in a conversation so that they can be assured that their order is being prepared or it’s on the way. This will make them feel comfortable and even patient when you experience inconveniences in your delivery channel.

The bottom line

The ability to make your dreams of making more sales during the next Christmas holiday solely lies with you. You need to ensure that you have your strategy well formulated so that when that time comes, you will not be the last-minute person who struggles to push the sales. If you follow this guideline, you are likely to make more sales!

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