WWE Post’s 10 Most Interesting Careers

Wrestling, like any other sport, is not forever. It is a sport that requires a lot of physicality, creativity and time away from family. As a result, retirement is always on the minds of WWE wrestlers, as their responsibility is to prepare for life after wrestling.

Even if retirement means the end of a career, it doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, retirement can also mean the beginning of a new chapter. And for some fighters it was. For this piece, let’s take a look at the 10 most interesting post-WWE careers.

Executive Position

After spending so much time with WWE, it’s hard to leave. As a result, now-retired wrestlers Triple H and Shawn Michaels currently hold executive positions in WWE. The D-Generation X Duo still makes its presence felt, but this time behind the scenes.

In addition to returning to WWE, some wrestlers hold executive positions in other companies. For example, Ted DiBiase Jr., the son of The Million Dollar Man and former WWE Tag Team Champion currently works as Director of Business Development at Priceless Ventures.


We all know how The Rock, John Cena and Dave Batista are killing it on the Hollywood scene. Even though their wrestling backgrounds are tied to fame, these three fighters are slowly carving out solid respectable acting careers.

Apart from these three, other wrestlers turned actors are Steve Austin, Barbie Blank, also known as Kelly Kelly and Chavo Guerrero, nephew of the late Eddie Guerrero.

the policeman

Wrestling is a very physical sport. While some fighters shy away from physicality, others just can’t get enough. As a result, some of them join the police force. Bull Buchanan, who worked mostly in a Tag Team, joined the Georgia police force.

Another fighter was Rico Constantino. Under the name Rico, he was known for wearing outlandish in-ring costumes and performing unusual moves on his opponents. After hanging up his fighting boots, Rico joined the US Marshals. It is worth noting that Rico was also a member of the Las Vegas SWAT team even before joining the WWE.


Playing the crowd, selling your personality, and cutting promos are all important skills in wrestling. However, they also apply to politics. Several WWE wrestlers have tried to get public spots, including Rhyno, Jerry The King Lawler, and many others.

But recently, it was the devil’s favorite demon, Kane, who got a government position. Kane spent decades in the ring harassing and punishing his opponents. But several championships and a Royal Rumble elimination later, Kane is now known as Glenn Jacobs, the current mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.


Choosing a career in wrestling can hold many interesting stories, thoughts and experiences. As a result, it is not surprising that some fighters have become perpetrators. Most notably, Chris Nowinski, who was a finalist on WWE Tough Enough, decided to quit when he took a career-ending kick to the chin. After retiring from wrestling due to multiple head injuries, Nowinski released a book called Head Games.

Another wrestler is Belah McGillicutty, who was known for her on-screen work with Tommy Dreamer. After completing her combat duties, McGillicutty decided to write a children’s book called Gertrude the Great under her real name Trisa Laughlin.


Speaking of Chris Nowinski, in addition to being an author, he also became an accomplished neuroscientist after his wrestling career. Nowinski earned a PhD in behavioral neuroscience from Boston University School of Medicine.

As a neuroscientist, Nowinski has written 25 scientific papers. He is also one of the founders of Boston University’s CTE Center.


Wrestlers cause a lot of pain in the ring. Also, there are plenty of promos and characters that encounter moral issues on screen. However, some wrestlers are appointed ministers after their wrestling careers. One of them is The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase. While he worshiped money in the WWE ring, he was different after he left wrestling. In 1999, Dibias reportedly founded Heart of David Ministries and began preaching.

In addition to The Million Dollar Man, actor-turned-wrestler The Rock is also a pastor. Known as Dwayne The Rock Johnson, he was an ordained minister Universal Life Church.

Social Media Influencer

Fighters can get a lot of public attention. As a result, many former fighters can easily transition into social media influencers. Wrestlers who have found success as influencers include WWE Divas Summer Rae, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus and the Bella Twins.
From fitness tips to travel and product endorsements, these former fighters know their stuff.

Bail surety

Being an unquestionable bond is not an easy task. It involves working with people facing criminal charges and trying to get them released before trial. However, former WWE wrestler Steve Blackman does the job well. The former WWE Hardcore Champion currently runs Blackman Bail Bonds.

School director

Muhammad Hassan, also known as Marc Copani, was a strong heel during his short career with WWE. He tormented several wrestlers including Eugene, The Undertaker and many others. Despite being one of the most hated villains in his WWE career, he now has his sights set on the future of several students at Fulton High School.

Despite the controversial nature of wrestling, Copan now enjoys being an educator and enjoys being a manager.

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