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March 19, 2023 | at 8:41

As strange as it may sound, embracing your inner child and playing games can go a long way in helping you advance in your career.

“Gamifying the learning process through interactive activities, such as flashcards and role-playing exercises, can turn a typical job training experience into an engaging and enjoyable experience,” said Matthew Warzel, president of Warzel. MJW careers Wilmington, NC.

“By introducing an element of fun and competition, individuals will be more motivated and actively engaged in the learning process, which will increase retention and improve performance.”

Games are considered enjoyable activities “so they open us up on a positive note and create opportunities for us to enjoy the unexpected and the learning journey,” he said. Julie FlandersFounder and CEO of Two Circles Crossing, a coaching and consulting agency based in Kent, Conn.

Beforehand, learn about enrichment games (from online tools to role-playing exercises) to embrace in the workplace.


Kahoot! It can be used for anything from product and sales training to team building.

Kahoot! is an online learning platform that offers a range of game-based learning activities, including quizzes, surveys and discussions,” explains Arthur Worsley, UK career coach and founder of the organisation. The Art of Living

“Users can create their own Kahoot! games or choose from thousands of pre-made games on a wide variety of topics. In each game, players compete to answer questions correctly and earn points, which show their best performances on a leaderboard.”

Kahoot! it can be used to teach a variety of topics, from sales training to soft skills development, and for activities ranging from product training to team building, with competitive elements ensuring that students are kept engaged and motivated.

Starting at $10 per month.


Quizlet takes old paper cards and makes them digital and engaging.

Quizlet it’s not just about school kids memorizing SAT words.

“Quizlet is a free online learning tool that allows you to create flashcards, quizzes, and other study materials to help you master a variety of topics,” Warzel said, adding that you can search for study sets created by other users or study your own. he added that you can create materials using text, images and audio.

Additionally, “Quizlet also offers interactive games and study modes that make learning more engaging, such as a matching game or a race mode where you have to answer questions as quickly as possible.”

According to Warzel, users can use Quizlet for things like studying for a certification exam, improving their language skills, and learning new concepts in their field.

For free; QuizletPlus From $2.99 ​​per month.


Duolingo makes learning a new language fun and accessible.

If you are thinking of learning a new language or improving your language skills in general, Duolingo it’s for you It includes Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Yiddish, Zulu, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Haitian Creole and more.

“The app offers a variety of interactive activities, including listening exercises, speaking exercises and mini-games,” said Worsley, who emphasized the gamification aspect of the app, where users earn points and compete against others as they progress through their studies.

“Learning a new language can be a valuable skill for professionals in many industries, and Duolingo makes it fun and accessible,” he added.

Warzel also shared that language skills are increasingly valuable in many careers, and can “open new opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

For free; Super Duolingo $7 per month.

The future is yours

The future is yours presents players with business challenges such as layoffs, labor shortages, cyber attacks or supply chain issues.

New for 2023, this printable game from a PDF is aimed at helping people of all ages “think like a futurist.”

Players can choose to participate in business or career mode, from which they can select or randomly assign a sample career (such as a lawyer or marketing) or a business, such as a bank, retailer, or real estate firm.

From there, you’ll come up with a game plan for the future and draw a deck of cards that will present you with challenges like layoffs, labor shortages, cyberattacks, or supply chain issues.

The future is yours It comes with blank template cards that you can edit and print to feature any business, career or challenge you can think of in your game.

The game was designed by Scott Steinberg, futurist and keynote speaker, as “a training and education system disguised as a game for people who don’t normally play, and an opportunity to extend our teaching and knowledge beyond the events of the day. local programs”.

Free for schools and students; $19.99 for others.

Not My Problem Anymore

This group exercise involves interactive work with team members to solve problems creatively. To play, start by writing something that each person finds challenging. The individual player then presents it to the group for correction.

“Then the team is asked to come up with an awesome idea to solve the problem, an obvious idea to solve the problem, and a creative or outside idea to solve the problem,” Flandes said.

So you can solve a problem in three ways.

“It’s a fun way to engage in learning and it helps to give the group different experiences and bring out new perspectives,” said Flandres. “Everyone involved is involved in giving a problem and reacting to someone else’s problem.”

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