The Made with Care campaign highlights opportunities for care work

  • Today marks the launch of the second year of the ‘Made with Care’ home recruitment campaign, encouraging people to apply for a career in the social care sector for adults.
  • Opportunities available for many rewarding development and training jobs

The ‘Made with Care’ campaign is returning for a second year and highlights the vast opportunity to build a career in care and help others live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Until March 2023, the campaign’s advertising will appear in millions across video-on-demand platforms such as ITV Hub, Sky Go and All 4; digital radio and audio channels such as Spotify; and social networks and digital channels such as Facebook and Instagram to direct job seekers there

Here, people can find everything they need to research a career in adult social care and, most importantly, find and apply for adult social care jobs in their area – with help improving your CV and interview advice.

Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay said:

Working in social care is rewarding, inspiring and offers career opportunities, with a range of roles you may never have considered.

To begin with, you must have the right qualities, including kindness and compassion, to help people’s loved ones and make a difference.

This government has committed to a sustainable social care sector and anyone can get involved by joining this incredible workforce.

Care Minister Helen Whately said:

I want to help support providers hire the dedicated staff they need. There are great opportunities to join one of the most important workforces in the country.

Carers do important work, work that can be really rewarding.

We know that in government we can help care providers spread the message about the opportunities in the sector. I hope this campaign will help promote social care workers across the country.

With a wide range of vacancies and jobs and record government investment in social care for adults, there has never been a better time for people with the right qualities to take the opportunity and start a career in care.

From support workers who help the people they care for with their daily activities, to shared life carers who welcome people who need care into their homes and family life, there is something for everyone who wants to do meaningful work in the sector.

Senior Adult Social Care Nurse Deborah Sturdy said:

I am proud to work in social care because it offers so many opportunities for registered nurses and professional nurses who make a difference in people’s lives.

You will meet and work with amazing people and be part of something bigger than yourself.

Come and join the adult social support team. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

With advertising planned across England, the ‘Made with Care’ campaign will reach millions of people this winter, highlighting the great work they do in the adult social care sector and celebrating the way they empower the people they support by shining a light on the emotional. role awards to encourage more people to consider a job in adult social care.

Today there are opportunities and training is provided. Flexible working patterns are often available, making it an ideal career choice for those with other commitments.

Harry Beckwith, support staff, said:

I wanted to go into nursing because I love seeing people happy. I like to smile.

I decided to work in care with adults because I wanted to learn what I could do, what I could experience and learn as those I care for learn from me.

If someone told me they wanted to go to care work I would say go straight. It’s honestly the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. It’s nice to help someone who needs help.

Social care is a top priority for the government, with the £5.4 billion, 10-year People at the Heart of Care plan to reform social care, making sure there’s never been a better time to enter the sector.

Recognizing the challenges facing the social care sector and local government today, the government has also committed £500m to support discharge from hospital. This funding will ease the pressure and build a stronger NHS to ensure the care people across our country need and deserve.

Oonagh Smyth, CEO of Skills for Care, said:

Skills for Care is excited to see the progress of the next phase of the Made with Care campaign.

Our ‘The state of the adult social care sector and workforce in England’ report released in October has really highlighted the recruitment and retention challenges facing the adult social care sector right now, with vacancy levels rising by 52% in the past year to the highest rate on record. At the same time, the number of filled jobs has decreased, this is the first decrease in the number of care workers.

We need to talk more about the rewarding and fulfilling careers that social care for adults can offer, and we hope the Do It With Care campaign will raise awareness of the value and diversity of a career in care and the important contribution that the 1.5 million people working in it make today. they are doing adult social care to our communities.

Skills for Care hosted a webinar in October for social care providers to find out more about the Made with Care campaign and how it can support them, and we will continue to support the campaign as it moves into its next phase.

A spokesperson for the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) said:

The Made with Care recruitment campaign is very important to show the diversity of social care roles for adults, as well as how meaningful and essential the work is.

It is imperative that we see adult social care as a rewarding career, with a talented workforce that enables us all to live the lives we want.


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