One stop shop for career planning

It’s never too early to start preparing for a career, and University Career Services is ready to help Tar Heels with that preparation.

University Career Services provides information on internships and job opportunities and other services to undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates. As the primary career center on campus, the office serves all UNC students except for graduate schools such as business, law, medicine and dentistry, which have their own career services offices.

“We’re giving them opportunities for a variety of hands-on experiences across campus,” says Roderick Lewis, interim executive director of the University’s Career Services. “[Students] They will have to think about talent, job coaches, concepts of fairness and equity, about pay and the conversation about different intersections between identities.”

Planning a career during university can be difficult, but UCS offers advice, internships and job search support to help steer students towards the career paths they want.

Career coaches

UCS Career Coaches help Tar Heels explore potential careers and provide tools and advice to help them achieve their career goals.

During an appointment, career coaches can help students create LinkedIn profiles, discuss potential employers, conduct mock interviews, and review resumes, resumes, cover letters, and personal statements.


With more than 355,570 alumni living in Carolina, there are plenty of professional Tar Heels to network with and connect with for career planning guidance and advice. A partnership between University Career Services and the Carolina General Alumni Association now helps facilitate those opportunities.

Recently launched HEELSENGAGE The Network is an online platform to make it easy for our students, alumni, faculty and staff to connect for career and life advice. HEELSENGAGE allows university members and friends to view and share job offers.

Turning part-time jobs into steps

UCS a internship professional experience certificate program. This program offers undergraduate and graduate students with part-time on-campus positions the opportunity to match their positions with their career goals, developing new skills and job-ready skills.

“We’re trying to increase those part-time jobs so that a student can take advantage of part-time work on campus in a way that connects career and work skills,” Lewis says.

Students in the program receive interview training, career coaching, networking opportunities, and a framework for developing additional skills.

“They will be in a multicultural world, and at UCS we want to make sure they can express the full range of knowledge, skills and abilities they have acquired as part of their work experience,” says Lewis.

Another UCS service, this one Job development program, helps students turn part-time off-campus jobs into career stepping stones. The program connects students with positions that more closely align with their studies and career goals for greater success after graduation.

“It’s a way to professionalize part-time off-campus work as a means to their career goals,” says Lewis.

Micro practices

In addition to helping students find the right part-time jobs and set them up for a future career, UCS partners with Parker Dewey to connect students. micro practices To help Tar Heels find the right jobs that best match their career goals.

Micro-internships are short-term, usually up to 40 hours, that can be done remotely. They are helpful for students who don’t have the time or resources to accept a more traditional internship or part-time job.

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