Naomi’s WWE career is full of wasted potential

Over the years, WWE He has seen many talents misused and undervalued. This can be seen especially with many competitors in the women’s division, which has been rightly criticized. One of the biggest examples of this can be seen in WWE’s booking of Naomi. Making her main roster debut in 2012, Naomi is one of the most athletic and talented wrestlers to ever grace the WWE. He also had tremendous fan support throughout his career. But WWE never capitalized on the many opportunities it had with Naomi.


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From Funkadactyl to fronting BAD, Naomi showed her versatility

After competing on NXT Season 3, Naomi debuted in 2012 as Funkadactyl alongside Cameron. From the very beginning, he showed incredible athleticism in the ring. During this early period of her career, she competed for the Divas Championship a few times and also participated in tag team matches with Cameron and the cast members of the show. Total Divas. The Funkadactyls broke up in 2014 when Cameron turned on Naomi, but Naomi surprisingly lost the match between the two at the Battleground 2014 Kickoff. After this, Naomi floated around the roster, even aligning with The Usos for a time.

Naomi interview

In 2015, Naomi turned heel for the first time in her WWE career. After losing a battle royal in England, she attacked Paige. In a subsequent interview, he described how despite his success he was not getting opportunities and how it was time to take his own. The promo was fantastic, with Naomi initially toying with the fans before getting serious. On his microphone, he showed real skill never seen before. Although she never won the Divas Championship, Naomi showed her versatility as a talented heel and face.

Naomi’s heel turn also saw the debut of a faction known as Team BAD, consisting of herself, Tamina, and debutant Sasha Banks. In what was known as the Divas Revolution, Naomi regularly competed against the likes of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. The team feuded with Team Bella and Team PCB for a month. However, Banks eventually left the team and Naomi was later sidelined with an injury.

Despite her many accolades, Naomi’s WWE booking was never very strong


When WWE returned in 2016, Naomi joined SmackDown with the “Feel The Glow” gimmick and was the face. Her time on SmackDown saw Naomi achieve the most success of her career with two SmackDown Women’s Championship reigns.

Naomi was also a part of history many times, being part of the inaugural women’s Royal Rumble and Money In The Bank match. She also won the first WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal. He also had a lot of support from fans who wanted to see him put to better use. Despite all this, Naomi was in and out of the stories.

Taking out frustrations with WWE Naomi and Sasha Banks

At WrestleMania 38, Naomi and Sasha Banks won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, defeating Carmella and Zelina Vega, Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley, and Natalya and Shayna Baszler. However, shortly after, Banks and Naomi left the WWE. Due to WWE’s lack of respect and poor booking as champions, they gave the championships to WWE and left the company. Since their departure, Sasha Banks has reinvented herself as Mercedes Moné, joining NJPW and becoming the IWGP Women’s Champion. Naomi has not returned to WWE. Despite speculation, it appears that he plans not to return to the company.

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Despite some success in WWE, the company’s booking of Naomi never reached and utilized her full potential. WWE could have been a massive star with the support of the fans. Naomi had incredible athletic abilities and also showed that she could do well in promos. But, due to her many frustrations with WWE, Naomi left the company with Banks. In recent years, many professional wrestlers have left WWE due to frustrations with various aspects of the company’s booking decisions.

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Naomi is definitely very talented and showed that during her time in WWE, but during her high points, they were never fully capitalized on. Although Moné returned to the ring, Naomi has not expressed any intention of returning to the ring. Maybe one day he will fight again, but nothing is certain. However, she is undoubtedly one of the greatest female wrestlers in WWE history and was a part of many historic moments.

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