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Students will participate in a series of collaborative sessions on leadership and team building at the summit, where they will dissect the “rise and grind” culture of glamorized workaholism, hustling and burnout; exploring how to get them where they are; and discover their communication styles and core values ​​to design their own paths as UTSA students.

Chris Collinsauthor and speaker who delivers interactive workshops to students across the country and Associate Director of Student Activities at UTSA Jarvis Clark it will facilitate sessions.

“Our Career Innovation Summit is just one of the programs we’ve built over the past few years to help students gain practical, hands-on experiences,” he said. Rachael Miller, Senior Associate Director of the Najim Center. “We enable students to become more well-rounded individuals, which will prepare them for success at UTSA and in the workplace after graduation.”

Students participating in the Najim Strategist program work in teams in partnership with local San Antonio businesses and conduct field research to develop creative and workable solutions to challenges faced by their partner organizations. Offered in the spring and fall semesters, the program provides students with real-world, paid work experience.

After completing the eight-week projects, each team of strategists will present their research and recommendations to partner businesses on Thursday, April 27.

Former Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff He will also participate in presentations to provide perspective and encouragement to participating students. Wolff joined UTSA in a non-teaching role in January, with plans to share his knowledge and experience with UTSA students from all disciplines, as well as bring a variety of guest speakers and mentors to campus.

“We are delighted to welcome Judge Wolff to our strategic launch event, and it is a great way for us to end this round of projects,” he said. Erica Clark, Najim Center Associate Director. “Each group of strategists works directly in the community as part of this program. Judge Wolff has decades of experience serving the San Antonio community, so our students can learn a lot from him.”

The Najim Center has significantly expanded its programs and events since opening in 2020, offering all UTSA students many unique opportunities to complement traditional classroom instruction with specific training and experiences. Programs include project-based learning, competitions, personal development programs, scholarships, and even summer study abroad experiences. Participating students receive credit Transcript of Experience and, depending on the program, can receive a scholarship.

Spring programs:

Summer programs:

Fall programs:

To help increase programming, the Najim Center has also expanded its staff. They are two of their newest teammates Katherine Rico and Antonia Taylorjoined the center as program coordinator in the spring.

Both held graduate assistant positions at UTSA before transitioning to full-time roles, and Taylor, a former graduate assistant at the Najim Center, has worked to build the Identity, Equity and Connection program and the Innovate Yourself in 3D program from the ground up. The programs she designed focus on personal and professional development, helping students explore and embrace their identities, and community service.

“Antonia worked very hard to create these programs during her last year as a graduate assistant. She brought her unique background and strengths to our team, and we provided her with immersive experiences where she could expand her knowledge and skills,” said Miller. “We are thrilled that both Antonia and Katherine can now flourish as full-time members of the staff. , and are excellent examples of college classroom-to-career initiative.”

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