Monthly Career Horoscope: March 2023 | Vogue India

Pisces, the beginning of spring brings a reminder of your natural manifestation abilities. New opportunities don’t always have to come from an outside source, although you should always keep your eyes and ears open. Your thoughts create your reality, beautiful. So remember that you have all the ingredients to make magic happen, to take the seeds of an idea and take root in the real world. Sagittarius, you are entering the threshold of mystery. The universe is asking you to trust your instincts, to trust your gut feelings more than you think. You may not see the final results yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from imagining the best possible outcome for your efforts. Expect worthy questions to arise this month, Capricorn. Not based on your own worth, but the value of your time, the value of the energy you burn in pursuit of your goals. Do these goals still align with where you want to go? Or do you feel that extra juicing isn’t worth it? Take a break from the hustle and bustle of culture while making time for activities that nourish your heart and soul. So what does March 2023 hold for the rest of the signs when it comes to career and life? Let’s dig deeper!

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