Mina Kimes puts Jason Whitlock’s career in jeopardy after conservative sports pundit takes issue with him

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March 24, 2023 3:51 p.m., updated March 24, 2023 4:03 p.m.

Conservative sports pundit Jason Whitlock weighed in on the Mina Kimes controversy, blaming the ESPN star. playing a victim Over a Boston radio host’s racist joke, saying she’s only relevant because of her “ethnicity, gender and good looks.”

As a result, Whitlock became the butt of another joke Kimes scoffed From the 55-year-old’s strange career from ESPN and Fox Sports to conservative BlazeTV: “Unlike you, I still talk about sports for a living.”

The controversy began Wednesday, when WEEI’s Chris Curtis dropped Kimes’ name in a discussion of his favorite “nips,” a term used for miniature liquor bottles used as racist liquor against the Japanese people.

“Oh, I’d probably go with Mina Kimes,” Curtis said of the 37-year-old ESPN personality, who is of Korean descent, not Japanese.

Curtis offered a strange excuse, saying he wanted to mention Mila Kunis, which prompted Kimes to mock the WEEI host by swapping her Twitter profile picture with the Ukrainian-born actress and posting a picture giving Bart Simpson eyeballs.

Mina Kimes
Jason Whitlock

Kimes’ Twitter joke backfired with Whitlock, who then accused her of milking the controversy for her own benefit.

‘Raise your hand if you knew ‘Nip’ was ethnic? I didn’t,” Whitlock tweeted. “Tell me how this affected Mina Kimes’ life? Other than nailing herself to the cross, I see no harm. Black people will dance to rap music calling the N-word over and over without complaining.”

Kimes wasn’t taking it from Whitlock.

“Crucifixion? I made a joke and went back to work…because unlike you, I still talk about sports for a living,’ Kimes replied. ‘Have a good day.’

Unlike Kimes, who later left the matter alone, Whitlock continued to tweet and later comment on the conservative debate, which Glenn Beck founded BlazeTV.

“Kimes wants everyone to know that she is a victim,” Whitlock told her audience. “That’s his job. His value to ESPN is directly related to his willingness to play the victim. Does anyone react to his views on sports? Does anyone care what he says about sports? Its importance and value comes from its ethnicity, gender and good looks.’

On Twitter, Whitlock insisted that fans care more about his sports opinions than he does, despite having a bigger audience than him, citing 857,000 Twitter followers compared to his 709,000.

Kimes responded by tweeting a meme from The Simpsons that showed Bart’s eyes glazed over
He also changed his Twitter profile picture to a picture of Kunis, making a subtle nod to the situation
Kimes’ joke backfired with Whitlock, who accused him of “crucifying” her
Kimes followed Whitlock’s career from ESPN and Fox Sports to conservative BlazeTV

While Kimes brushed off the controversy, Whitlock shared several tweets on the matter

Meanwhile, Curtis apologized to the ESPN host, explaining that he meant to make a sexist joke about Kunis and not a racist joke about Kimes.

“In a failed attempt, I tried to bring up Mila Kunis, which wasn’t that funny… secondary and sexist,” Curtis said, as quoted by NBC Boston. “But for reasons I don’t understand, I told Mina Kimes.

“That was never the intention to say his name. It had nothing to do with the issue and led to a controversy about his fault and his race and that was not my intention at all, but it doesn’t matter because of the total chaos. My words come from someone who is currently working for ESPN covering the NFL.

“So I want to apologize to Mina Kimes, I want to apologize for a stupid and lame attempt at a joke, something that there is no other way to say.”

Chris Curtis faced backlash after appearing to use a racial slur about ESPN’s Mina Kimes.

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