‘Michael Jordan ruined a lot of careers’: Stephen A Smith is grasping at straws after mocking Bulls legend’s reign as team owner

Michael Jordan winning 6 titles in a decade is an achievement please can’t stop talking about. He showed the world what a top player looks like, given the right tools to get the job done. Because he spent 7 years trying to cut through the dense forests of the Lakers, Celtics and Pistons as a single blade, but he couldn’t do it.

It wasn’t until the Chicago Bulls spent 7 years building a roster that was finally ready to “BANG” that MJ won his first title. And when that 0 became a 1 (if you watch Bluelock, you know what that means), there was no going back. And the megalomaniac in him came out, a person that haunts him to this day.

Michael Jordan may have retired as one of the most successful players of all time, but he made a few enemies along the way. Not only because he looked down on them, he stopped many players from reaching their true potential. That is the narrative Stephen A Smith wants us to believe.

A narrative that fits like a glove (A Gary Payton reference) to MJ’s recent struggles. with that Looking to settle JordanWell, many presenters have their own thoughts. Smith is one of them.

Stephen A Smith believes MJ’s career torpedoed his chances of becoming a successful owner

As Jordan became an immovable wall for many of the greats, their careers stagnated and they ended up as the few among the many who couldn’t win a championship. Every player who has played professionally dreams of winning the championship, but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out that way.

And what do you do when the person who cut your career short comes asking the player?

According to SAS, you make sure he doesn’t get it. Vlade Divac, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton – all have had some sort of control over the players Jordan wanted for his franchise, but couldn’t get them. One of the most successful players to become the owner of a “poverty” franchise did not come by chance.

But this is not fully played out in time, there is another reason for this. A very big reason for that.

It has also had to protect its brand image as Nike’s biggest name; people buy a sub-brand more than their parents. This caused a big problem because he couldn’t choose a random person to represent the brand he had so carefully planned. Not all great players fit the mold of a brand ambassador, and not all brand ambassadors are great players. It must have been very fragile, resulting in an inadequate construction of the list.

Michael Jordan’s best managerial moves were when he was with the Wizards, until LaMelo Ball happened

In 2001, The Washington Wizards had Michael Jordan in their front office, and they needed a spark. What did he do for that? He wore a uniform and put people in those seats for 2 years. He also tried to stack the team with individual talent, but was unable to make a playoff push.

Once he became the owner of the Bobcats, a string of bad drafts, trades and mismanagement of the roster and salary bill saw them go from star to star. It almost seems like he learned nothing from Jerry Kraus and his time with the Bulls.

A string of bad drafts seemed to end when he managed to land future superstar LaMelo Ball. And 2 years later, with a poor roster built around him, Michael Jordan is at risk of losing his franchise savior in the future. There’s no way a star can stay anywhere in Charlotte when he’s built for the bright lights of LA or NY.

As SAS said, MJ has definitely had plenty of fights with the team, but not because of animosity towards him as a player. Of course, that played a part, but a large part of it is due to poor management. Not all players make good coaches or owners – Mike is living proof.

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